I have an obsession with JustFab. I’ve had it for quite a while and have blogged about my love a few times here, but I’ve finally gotten into a rhythm with this subscription-based site. It can be difficult to think that you can be on a budget and still shop on JustFab, but it’s possible! Today, I’m sharing some of my current fashion favorites from JustFab, and how I got them all for under 42 dollars.

Oversized hoop earrings with diamond detail from JustFab

These beautiful gold hoop earrings work well with my large coiffed hairdo, and I have a thing for hoops. They just add some type of pizzazz to any outfit. It might be a “Jersey girl” thing, but I think that big hair and big earrings go hand in hand. I love the diamond-like detail which adds even more sparkle  to these pair. The best part? These were only 2.50 at the VIP price.

Oversized clutch with paint-splattered detail from JustFab

Oversized clutches seem to be here to stay, and this multi-colored clutch is perfect for spring and summer. I love the splattered paint look and how unordinary it looks. It’s definitely my style. I think this would go well with a minimalist summer outfit, possibly in black and white. This clutch was my most expensive purchase at 24.95, which is 15.00 off the regular JustFab price.

Multi-colred print wedges from JustFab

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of shoes? I featured these wedges in a previous post, but in a beautiful mint green color. I decided to go with the multi-colored water color wedges, since they seemed a bit more fun. I have to say, these are very comfortable, even for this big belly pregnant mama. At 14.40, yes only 14.40, I’ll be sure to rock these for quite a while.

I also grabbed a black patent leather belt, for free, during checkout. My waist is nonexistent right now, so I couldn’t model it for you all. I used some of my rewards points to add this to my order. Rewards points are given to you after each transaction, and you can use them to buy accessories, magazine subscriptions, and more.

Now how did I get all of these items for only 41.85? I cashed in on one of JustFab‘s killer sales. I got one item for 24.95 and was able to add on another item for only 14.95 more. But, there’s more! I added the hoop earrings for 2.50, but ended up getting yet another discount because I was bundling items. Add in the belt that I picked up using rewards points, and get another discount. So, that was 4 items for under 42.00. This obviously won’t happen every single time I order, but if you’re smart you can yield some great savings.

Would you like me to share my tips on how to use this great site to add fashionable and quality items to your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll get a post up soon.

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Ultimate Baby Registry


This post is part of a sponsorship with BabyCenter.

 As an “experienced mom,” you would think that it would be easier to decide what to put on a registry for baby number 3. Well, with all of the new baby gear, items, and accessories, it’s been more difficult than ever. To get past the complexity of creating a baby registry, I went straight to Target.com, checked out the Target’s Baby Sale ending on 4/19 (be sure the check it out!) and created a brand new baby registry. I focused on some of my favorite items that carried us through newborn stage and up until each baby’s 1st birthday.

Cloth Diapers

These were a must-have with each of our two kids, and I know that they’ll come in handy with our new little boy. While we don’t cloth diaper, we have always stocked up on pre-fold cloth diapers to use for burp clothes, cleaning up baby food and more. I was excited to add the Gerber pre-fold cloth diapers to my Target baby registry since I know we will need tons of them.

A great list of items experienced moms should have on their baby registry

Diaper bag for Dad

It seems mom can always find a chic diaper bag to tote around, whether she get’s an actual bag meant for baby’s needs, or a big handbag that just happens to have lots of compartments. But what about Dad? I learned early on, that even though we had a son, with all “boy” themed baby items, my husband didn’t want to carry around a powder blue bag that looked too much like a purse. I have a husband that loves to grab a baby bag, and the kids, and go (God bless him). So, if I can find a cool diaper bag that he won’t mind carrying around, I’ll get more chances for a break. This camouflage Diaper Dude diaper bag is so cool, and has ample compartments on the outside and inside. Since it will be in use for at least 2 years, a 60 dollar investment seems miniscule.

A great list of items experienced moms should have on their baby registry


If there ever was a favorite of all baby gear, mine would be the exersaucer. Each of our children had an exersaucer and we all immediately fell in love with it. It works the baby’s brain as well as their developing legs. They kick, coo and giggle. How can you not love an instructional toy that causes that? We also loved that it was easy to fold down, so it could be taken to grandma’s house every sunday.

A great list of items experienced moms should have on their baby registryA Nursing Pillow

Although I didn’t get to nurse for as long as I wanted, we loved our Boppy. I enjoyed that they had different washable slipcovers, and the shape of the Boppy worked better for my frame when it came to breastfeeding. The Boppy also ended up becoming a lovey for each of our kids, possibly because it smelled like mom, but mostly because it was comfortable. Our little boy will definitely get his own to love on.

A great list of items experienced moms should have on their baby registryOnesies

Can you ever have too many onesies? Of course not. I can’t even imagine the amount of onesies we purchased for our last two children. This is actually one of my favorite gifts to give a mom as a shower gift. I always give them in different sizes, to last for the first year of the baby’s life. Babies pretty much live in onesies during their first year, and we’ll be stocking up on them, for sure.

A great list of items experienced moms should have on their baby registryA Lovey

Speaking of loveys, also known as loved-on toys or blankets, my little one will need one of his own. Loveys have gotten us out of many baby meltdowns and tough situations, so I’m looking forward to our 3rd kiddo bonding with one. I love Melissa & Doug items, so this Longfellow Dragon spoke to me immediately. This baby is already fiery and funny (he stuck his tongue out at the doctor during his sonogram), so I think he’ll love on this cute stuffed animal until he’s much older. Heck, my 8 year old still has his lovey, a stuffed brown teddy bear that has been repeatedly sewn up.

Need more ideas on essential baby items for your registry? Take a look at BabyCenter’s “Your Baby Registry” Pinterest Board.

Now that I’ve shared my ultimate baby registry favorites, and my Target Baby Registry, it’s time for YOU to win! One lucky 4 Hats and Frugal reader will win a $50 Target Gift Card that you can use towards some of your favorite baby items at Target, or for whatever your heart desires. In order to win, leave a comment below to let us know what one item is a must-add for a baby registry. The winner will be chosen on thursday, April 24th and contacted via email so make sure to leave your email within the comment. Your prize will be mailed to you within 6 to 8 weeks. after the contest has ended. Good luck!


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