I used baby products by JOHNSON’S® to care for my little one as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners

Essential Baby Products For Their First Vacation

Baby Frugal had his very first vacation this past week. We took him to my homeland, my happy place, my Shangri-La. His very first trip to Walt Disney World, out of utero, was just as magical as we thought it would be. He was the perfect kiddo, and didn’t cry much. He loved meeting the classic characters, when he was awake, and enjoyed being carried by his mother 98% of the time. I’m pretty sure that our trip was smooth sailing because of the baby products we made sure to pack. Our number 1 must-have? Johnson’s® Baby Head To Toe Baby Wash.

Are you taking your little one on their first vacation soon? See what baby products you must pack. #johnsonspartners AD

Babies are notorious for getting dirty, and that does not change when you go on vacation. My little muffin sat on ledges, grabbed on his siblings’ sticky, snack-covered hands, messily drank bottles, and worked up a good sweat while in his baby carrier. He was usually pretty ripe during the end of each day. We made sure to pack his favorite wash clothes, hooded towels, and Johnson’s® Baby Head To Toe Baby Wash. We were even smarter to pack a travel bottle of Johnson’s® Baby Head To Toe Baby Wash, since our larger checked bag didn’t reach our room before it was the baby’s bath time.

Are you taking your little one on their first vacation soon? See what baby products you must pack. #johnsonspartners AD

I’m big on the original “baby smell,” so I love that Johnson’s® Baby Head To Toe Baby Wash has a new and improved hypoallergenic fragrance that’s specially designed for infants. It’s also paraben-free, phthalate-free, and has added moisturizer to help promote skin hydration after Baby Frugal’s bath. Johnson’s® baby products are trusted for use on your little one, and I can attest to that. By the way, have you visited Johnson’s® Facebook page? Well, you should!

Are you taking your little one on their first vacation soon? See what baby products you must pack. #johnsonspartners AD

There’s another reason I was very glad to pack up one of our favorite Johnson’s® products. Relaxed babies on vacation tend to eat a lot. When a baby eats a lot they tend to, well, never mind. Do the words “Storm Pooper” help to explain things? On a side note: I learned the proper way to take off a onesie when a kid has a blow out. You learn something new every day when you become a parent.

What’s one of your essential baby products to pack when taking a kiddo on their first vacation? Share with me in the comments below (and feel free to leave your hilarious traveling stories).


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Walmart and their Chosen By Kids Top 20 Toys List.
Zoomer Interactive Dino is one of this season's hottest toys, and this 9 year old is excited to get one.

One of the best things you can do as a parent is gift your kid that one special toy that they’ve wished for each Christmas. Also, one of the best things about being an online influencer is being able to try out some of the hottest toys each holiday season. When these two things collide, my kids become some of the luckiest children. This year, my son got real lucky. He’s been asking about the Zoomer Interactive Dino since he saw a commercial for it. Well son, Walmart hooked you up!

Zoomer Interactive Dino is one of this season's hottest toys, and this 9 year old is excited to get one.

The Zoomer Interactive Dino is a unique toy with real dinosaur movements, sounds and incredible dino-sense abilities. He detects when you’re near and just like dinosaurs long ago, he can get angry, chomp and roar! How cool is that? He spins on two wheels with perfect balance, and takes time to get to know his owner. Supposedly, he doesn’t like to get his tail pulled, so we’ll make sure to do that, just to make sure this is true. Ha!

The Zoomer Interactive Dino goes for under 80 dollars at Walmart, which makes it a great “big” gift for parents looking to get the hottest gift this season. I also love that it’s not a gender-specific toy; girls and boys would have a blast with Zoomer.

Zoomer Interactive Dino is one of this season's hottest toys, and this 9 year old is excited to get one.

Now, you may wonder why my kid didn’t rip into his new Zoomer Interactive Dino. Well, he’s just like his mom. When you get something that you want, you want to keep it pristine as long as possible. He decided that he would open it after he opens his other Christmas presents. Delayed yuletide gratification. I can’t argue with that!

Check out Walmart’s entire assortment of interactive toys at Walmart.com, including other favorites like Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy (24.00 at Walmart) and LeapFrog LeapTV (149.00 at Walmart).

And don’t forget- all of Walmart’s top 20 toys are covered under Walmart’s Savings Catcher, their online receipt comparison tool. If a top local competitor offers a lower advertised price on those or other eligible items, customers get the difference on a Walmart eGift Card.

Have you found that one “big” gift for your kid this season? Let me know which one you’ve gotten in the comments below!


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