It’s officially sweater weather, and that means it’s time to pull out your sweater dress collection. Each year, I love utilizing my sweater dresses for fall and winter outfits. They are comfortable, easy to style, and can be rather chic if you choose the right ones. Lately, I’ve been exploring Amazon for fashion essentials. I shop on amazon for everything else in life, so I decided to see what kind of inexpensive but stylish sweater dresses they offer. I was pleasantly surprised! The best part of shopping for apparel on Amazon is that they have reviews. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been excited to receive a piece of clothing in the mail, only to have to fit awkwardly or not look like the item I saw on the website. No bueno! Here are 3 sweater dresses under $50 that I absolutely love.

Yes, you can find great clothing on Amazon! This post shares 3 sweater dresses that are under $50.

Sweater dress ~ 39.90

Stud earrings (similar) ~ 1.99

Necklace (similar) ~ 12.95

High heel riding boots (similar) ~

If a wrap dress and a sweater dress had a baby, it would be this. The pattern is so beautiful and I love the hints of violet throughout the dress. You can pair this will faux suede riding boots with a heel, and dainty but lovely accessories.

Yes, you can find great clothing on Amazon! This post shares 3 sweater dresses that are under $50.


Anne Klein Sweater dress ~49.90

Scarf (similar) ~6.99

Bracelet (similar) ~11.99

Riding boots ~ 24.99

For some strange reason, I love a sweater dress with short sleeves. Maybe it’s because most establishments turn the heat way up in the winter, so I sweat like a crazy person. Graphic patterns are a fun trend, and it looks very cool on sweater dresses. I love that this sweater dress has a turquoise band above the waist, which will give any woman wearing it a slimming effect. Some sweater dresses can make the wearer look frumpy, but the symmetry of this one works so well.

Yes, you can find great clothing on Amazon! This post shares 3 sweater dresses that are under $50.


Sweater Dress ~ 49.90

Stud earrings (similar) ~ 9.76

Snowflake necklace (similar) ~ 8.99

This sweater dress would be perfect for a office holiday party or dinner out during the winter. I love that you can pair this with black or grey tights. Ankle booties and sweater dresses go hand-in-hand, and if you pair them with black leggings or tights, you’ll immediately elongate your legs.

Are you excited to break out your sweater dresses this season? Are any of these sweater dresses your style? Let me know in the comments below.



Life is full of milestones. Some are legendary, and some are of a smaller scale. Most are milestones that only a parent will remember. My little girl experienced a first milestone this week: her first sick day. Like the mom that I am, I wanted to make it as memorable as I could.

She why this mom decided to celebrate her daughter's first sick day, and what fun activities she created.

When I proclaim the day as her “first sick day,” that doesn’t mean that she’s never been sick before. This is her first sick day while in school. That day was the first time she ended up missing her day-to-day schedule. She missed her friends, her school work, and her time outside for recess. Her sickly little face was so disappointed when I told her she was too sick to go to school. She had been asking to spend time in school since she was 2, so having to miss just one day was preschooler torture. I knew I had to make it special.

She stayed in her pajamas all day, and sipped her special “get-well” tea from her favorite tumbler. I told her that she could watch her favorite videos and movies on Netflix all day. I even created a new profile for her, so that Netflix would make some suggestions for other shows that only she would like, once she finished watching her favorites.

She why this mom decided to celebrate her daughter's first sick day, and what fun activities she created.

Disney movies and Strawberry Shortcake shows won out of all the other amazing titles to choose from. She laid in bed all day, and I even got in to snuggle with her — which explains why I currently have a cold. For a very first sick day, it ended up being pretty nice.

Netflix is celebrating “firsts” this October, and I’m so excited to be a member of their #StreamTeam. Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing how we use Netflix to celebrate, learn and connect as a family. Check back in monthly for updates, and be sure to like Netflix on Facebook and follow Netflix on Twitter.


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