At your wit's end trying to figure out what to feed your kids this summer? Here are a some great tips.

School is officially out and lots of parents are panicking over keeping their kids entertained, and feed, throughout the summer. Should we stockpile more food? How will I feed them 3 whole meals AND snacks? Will it be too hot to cook? These are all great questions! The best part is that feeding your kids in the summer won’t be as daunting as it sounds. Here are some tips that will show you how to feed kids frugally in summer, without going insane.

Focus on Good Breakfast

It’s so easy to phone in breakfast during the summer. A bowl of cereal tends to be the biggest culprit, but it just might be the worst breakfast to serve in the summer. The cereal may be too sugary for little bodies, and then you add in milk which has it’s own natural sugars. Plan wholesome but frugal breakfasts, like breakfast burritos, overnight oatmeal or even hard boiled eggs with sliced fruit. Starting the day with a cheap but hearty meal will set the tone for the rest of the day.

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Plan It All

Yes, meal planning is great, but in the summer you’ll have to extend that into lunch and snacks. Even if all you can afford for lunch is cheese and crackers or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, write it down. Most parents find themselves using dinner leftovers for lunch, but that’s out of lack of options. Instead, plan to use part of dinner for the next day’s lunch. Take it one step further and write out your family’s lunches on a dry erase board each week. The kids will be excited about having “homemade lunchables” on Wednesday, and just may ask to help you prepare them. They’ll also respect the fact that those special meals have special days, and most likely won’t sneak and eat them before the assigned day.

Serve Simple Snacks

Snacks are key to keeping kids happy, healthy, and out of your kitchen. Set a time when they can have a snack, and always keep those snacks as simple as possible. Remember how I said cereal would be a bad breakfast? Well, it’s the best way to feed kids frugally when it’s snack time! One bowl of cereal with milk is great for kids running inside from playing to have a quick bite. Other simple snacks are sliced fruit with yogurt dip, cheese and crackers, peanut butter and crackers, carrot sticks and celery with salad dressing, or no bake granola bars or bites.

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Look For Free Lunch

Did you know that some counties offer free lunch for children in the summer? This is still one of my favorite memories of summer spent at my grandmother’s house. My cousins and I would walk down the street to the local elementary school and enjoy a free lunch every weekday once school was out. We had sandwiches, snacks, and milk cartons at each meal. It was so much fun, and it got us out of my grandmother’s hair for at least an hour. Some counties even offer a discounted lunch for adults, if you would like to have lunch with your kids. To find out if your county offers free lunch, google your county’s name and “free lunch in summer.”

I hope these tips help you feed kids frugally this summer. If you have any tips to share, please list them below to help other parents!


Thrifting is one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve shared some of my favorite tips for thrifting, and even featured a few thrifted pieces in fashion looks. But today, I want to share with you my favorite thrift store jewelry finds over the past few years. From trendy to classic, these pieces have become staples in my wardrobe.

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a thrifted silver bracelet

This silver bangle was my very first jewelry find at the thrift store. I found it about 5 years ago, and it fits perfectly on my tiny wrist. When I picked it up and realized how heavy it was, I knew it was a great find. Heavy jewelry at the thrift store is a good indicator of the high quality of the piece. I only spent 4 dollars on the bangle, and I love to layer it with other silver pieces for great “arm candy.”

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a thrifted pink necklace

This necklace was a Plato’s Closet find. It was actually on clearance, I think because it is a bright color. The bright pink trend was ending, so it was put in the clearance bin with the other pieces. When I spotted it, I knew it would go well with quite a few of my wardrobe pieces, even though I don’t wear much pink. I love a subdued or monochromatic outfit, so a pop of pink is always invited. This was a 1 dollar find!

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a Thrifted pair of button earrings

Now, these button earrings are one of my all time favorite finds. I’d been looking for clip on earrings so I could give my piercings a break every once in a while. I thoroughly examined these earrings, since button earrings and clip ons could me made cheaply. I noticed right away that these were an older pair, and they didn’t clip onto the earring, but SCREWED on. A screwback earring feels so much better on your ear since you can determine how tight you want it. I also fell in love with the design of the cloth on the earrings. Even if I rocked a black shirt and a pair of jeans, adding these earrings as an accessory immediately makes the outfit so chic.

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a thrifted braided bracelet

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a thrifted chain bracelet


This chain and fabric bracelet was another Plato’s Closet clearance find. It had a few missing nobes on the clasp, but I loved it anyway. The main reason I love it is that the clasp is magnetic. Once the two pieces connect, it’s on there for good. Since the metal chain is braided with fabric, it doesn’t feel too heavy on my wrist. Again, this is a funky piece of jewelry that will dress up any plain outfit or little black dress.

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a thrifted bib necklace

I’m not quite sure what drew me to this necklace, but when I saw it in the display case of my local thrift store, I grabbed it up. Again, it was heavy, which enticed me to buy it, and it was completely different from any other piece of jewelry I owned at the time. I’ve worn it with V-neck shirts and sweaters, and I felt so elegant.

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a thrifted gold bracelet

It’s almost embarrassing how much I wear this bracelet. I recently wore it to an awards ceremony with a very fancy dress, and it absolutely perfect. This was an impulse buy when checking out at Plato’s Closet, and thank goodness I had that extra 3 dollars in my budget!

Favorite Thrift Store Jewelry Finds; a thrifted chevron necklace

This necklace was an intentional buy for me. I was on the lookout for a chevron inspired necklace to add to my wardrobe, and I came upon this one after 3 different searches in 3 different thrift stores. I love wearing this with oversized shirts and shift dresses. The key characteristic of this necklace is that it isn’t too long. I wanted something that reached at or a little past my bosom, but didn’t go all the way to my belly button. That’s a hard thing to find when you’re short. This length was made for me. You’ll be seeing this piece in a few fashion posts this spring and summer.

Do you shop at the thrift store for trendy and classic jewelry pieces? What are some of your favorite thrift store jewelry finds?


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