Babies can be real jerks, even when they're in the womb. One example: baby hunger.

With 33 weeks of gestation under my belt (actually over it, but I digress), it’s come to the point where I’m feeling ropy-poly. Full of life and baby wonder.  I’m also filling quite full. The hardest part is eating constantly. So, tickle me shocked when my doctor said a few weeks ago that I needed to GAIN weight. I couldn’t fathom putting even one more snack into my mouth. I also turned to Facebook, again, to ask for help. Many of my friends had wonderful ideas, full of milk shakes, ice cream and avocados. 3 things that I literally can’t have daily.


A funny thing happened after that conversation. Just like that, my appetite started to pick up. I did a two-step church shuffle in celebration. But, there was one problem: I now had what I love to call baby hunger. You know, it’s that hunger that shows up at the most inopportune times of the day, like when you have to pee, or when you’re 2 hours from any fast food place that won’t cause you heartburn later.

For me, baby hunger comes around 1:30am. Every. Single. Night.

I get all snuggled up in bed, laying my big belly on the side that hurts the least, and then my unborn tyrant takes over.


“What now?” 

“Let’s eat something.”

“We JUST ate at midnight. We had grapes. What are you, a Mogwai?”

“But I’m hungry. Get up. Now.” He proceeds to kick and punch until I comply.

I stumble out of bed. Well, I roll out, after trying about 3 times. I’m a turtle, ladies and gentlemen. I gingerly put on my slippers, with my silk bonnet all askew on my head and a trickle of sweat down my back.

“Ok, little kid. Here are more grapes. Let’s eat this and get to sleep.”

“What the hell, bro?! Give me FOOD, mom. Food. I mean it. Don’t make me grab your bladder, because you know I will. I’m the boss, playa.”

So, the above picture is me, at 1:30am, making an egg sandwich. See that face I’m making? That’s my face every night. You don’t want to see the face I make when my husband stumbles into the kitchen asking me what I’m doing. You also don’t want to hear the profanity I lay down on that joker when he asks a very loaded question like that.

So, the struggle is real around these parts. If you see me on Facebook, Twitter or pinning on Pinterest around 2amEST each night, you’ll know what’s up. The tyrant has taken over again. Baby hunger, yo.


4 is a Good Age

July 28, 2014 in family

This little girl is 4 and her mom is excited about her new journey. After all, 4 is a good age.

She’s finally 4. Since she was born, I’d been dreaming of the time when she’s reach this age. I remember how girls are at 4, and it’s always been my favorite age. Heck, I actually remember being 4. I felt like a big girl, like a conqueror. Plus, I got to pick out my own big girl panties from Kmart, and that was a BIG deal. Huge. Now, my only duchess is of the proper age to turn sass into manipulative sweetness. I feel for her father. My poor dad ended up taking tons of pictures of me during this age, mostly because I’d learn the value of a smile over a tantrum. I also had a thing for posing. Not that you would have known that from any posts on this here blog. Ahem.

She’s 4. Just 4 years ago I was screaming in agony while the nurse told me that it was too late for the good meds. I kind of cursed my kid that day, telling her that she was literally killing mommy from the inside. Ah, the things we say when blinded by pain. But on this day, her birthday, I’d forgotten about it all. I watched her all day. I anticipated how she would blow out her candles this year. Of course, without fail, she made it into an event. With her requested afro and her all pink outfit, she took on the task of making a wish.

This little girl is 4 and her mom is excited about her new journey. After all, 4 is a good age.

“Ok, I’ll just blow daintily, because I’m a LADY.”

This little girl is 4 and her mom is excited about her new journey. After all, 4 is a good age.

“Well, that didn’t work. There’s one left. Let’s get that sucker.”

This little girl is 4 and her mom is excited about her new journey. After all, 4 is a good age.

“Wow, that was a lot of spit that came out of my mouth, but I got ‘em. Wish automatically granted.”

She’s a mess, just like this homemade cake I made her. I knew a cake like this wouldn’t fly with my son. He’s very meticulous and there needs to be neatness and order. His chocolate cake was a minimalist version of culinary excellence. But, not his sister. Her cake requirements? Vanilla cake, with surprises on it. Oh, and it has to be pink inside. And from the box. FROM. THE. BOX. It’s like she knows how to press my buttons. I complied and she was ecstatic with her lopsided masterpiece. Or, at least she was wise enough to pretend to love it. I mean, she is 4 now. She knows how to work it.

Each year I make wishes for my kids on their birthdays. For my girl, I just wish that she’ll have the chance to really shine. She’s a performer by heart, and a great friend. For her 4th year, I’d love to see those traits amplified. I’ll do my best to encourage her each and every day. She’s 4 and I just love 4. 4 is a good age.

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