Easy Granola Recipe

January 22, 2015
Short on time and need an easy granola recipe? This one uses items that are right in your pantry!

Granola is one of our favorite breakfast and snack items here. It’s (somewhat) healthy, and if I choose to top my ice cream with it, I don’t feel as bad about it. Kidding! While I love making granola, I don’t love the recipes that require 20 ingredients just to make it. When you’re on a […]

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3 minute fudge

December 24, 2013
3 minute fudge recipe made in the microwave

When it comes to quick holiday treats, this 3 minute fudge recipe beats them all. I know there are a ton of 5 minute fudge recipes out there, but when you can shave off 2 minutes and only use 3 ingredients, you have to claim this recipe as the best of the best. Using store […]

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Monster Cookie Bars

August 22, 2013
Monster Cookie Bars - 4 Hats and Frugal

When it comes to recipes that have just about everything in it, I’m all about it. I love a good cookie that has 3 different types of chips, extracts and sugars as part of the ingredients. If you can put some ice cream in between those cookies, I’m really a happy girl. So when I […]

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Asian Avocado Dressing

May 30, 2013
recipe, avocado, dressing, easy

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m not a big fan of avocados. I’ve made it in a cheesecake and can make a mean guacamole for my husband and daughter to ravage, but I just can’t get down with those things. OK, I can handle avocado in my sushi, but thats about it. Two […]

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Oatmeal Banana Bites

May 13, 2013
oatmeal banana bites, quick snack for kids, no bake

I’ve made these oatmeal banana bites about a million times since I put it together. There are TONS of similar recipes all over Pinterest, so I just had to make my version of it. This creation really stemmed from us having a really over-ripe banana that no one wanted to touch, but I knew was […]

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Nutella Marshmallows

April 17, 2013
marshmallows, Nutella, chocolate

  Making marshmallows is surprisingly easy. I already have a recipe for regular marshmallows, but I knew I had to kick it up a notch. The world has gone Nutella crazy, so my little sweet tooth and my semi-culinary mind decided that I needed to make some Nutella marshmallows. This recipe would be great for […]

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Super Easy Strawberry Cookies

February 12, 2013
easy strawberry cookies

You just can’t go wrong with an easy cookie. One that’s quick to make, baked just right, and provided little to no effort from you. This is one of those cookies. It’s base is boxed cake mix (don’t you just love cake mix based treats?) and in honor of the holiday of Love, Valentine’s Day, […]

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Udi’s Granola Fruity Nut Squares

January 11, 2013

I decided before the end of last year that we needed to start exploring other ways of being healthy. We do a great job of providing nutritious meals for ourselves and the kids now, but there are so many other lifestyles out there that might be a better fit for us than our current one. […]

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Fruity Nut Squares

December 19, 2012
gluten free granola bars

I’ve been tinkering with making recipes that can be created in a gluten-free way. While we aren’t committing to a full “GF” diet, I’d like to have a few of them in my arsenal, like my Sautéed Peanut Broccoli recipe. I feel that only good can come from having healthy recipes on hand, especially snacks. […]

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December 14, 2012
chocolate toffee treat

Montana was one of the first friends I made in middle school. I was the new girl to my private school, and the only black girl at that, but she was completely nice to me right away. Montana was the first friend I’d ever had that was named after a state, and my first pal […]

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