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My dearest love has decided to give me a free pass to purchase any groceries I want tomorrow…with no budget. Thats right, no budget. Why would he do this you ask? Because he’s wonderful…..and he wants me out of the house tomorrow for a couple of hours. Dearest Hubby has to record for his album (he’s a music artist) and he knows that I can’t stay couped up in the other part of the house while he records, which is what I am forced to do when he does. The kicker is, sonny boy doesn’t have to come with me! He’s going to stay home with papa while I go out. How Papa’s going to get his work done with sonny boy home is up to him. He’s already given me my get-out-of-jail free card and i’m taking it! Of course he needs me to get him a few things while i’m out….and he wants me to schedule a grooming for our purrrrry furrrry baby, so needless to say I will be busy tomorrow. Don’t think that I won’t be bargaining tommorow just because I got the free pass…..maybe i’ll take the money I saved and treat myself to something nice. Knowing me, probably not. Well, have to get to bed to get ready for my day. Will let you know how it went tomorrow. Nighty night.

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