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Well, my chicken didn’t defrost in time for my regular roast chicken monday meal so I had to get creative for this week….Ok, I basically had to serve leftovers for monday night dinner and now I have to wait until Wednesday to make the chicken. But on the positive side, national pancake day is Tuesday! Guess what we’re having for dinner on that day?

Monday- Leftovers night! Yay!
Tuesday- Oat Pancakes, sour cream eggs, and Turkey bacon with a side of grapes
Wednesday- Roast chicken and potatoes with vegetable medley
Thursday- Happy Valentine’s Day! Teriyaki Beef and shrimp, candied carrot “noodles” and rice
Dessert: Sliced kiwi and surprise cookies(will post recipe…so easy!)
Friday: Chicken Chili and cheese quesadillas
Saturday: Asian Beef soup(gotta love leftovers) with homemade bread
Sunday: Chicken Noodle soup Dessert: peanut butter cookies

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