Meal Plan Monday!

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Yay! I love this….here’s the plan for this week:

Monday: Strip steak w/ sautéed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and buttered corn
Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner(my fav!)
Wednesday: Country fried chicken breast with gravy, rice and peas
Thursday: Tuna cakes and side salad
Friday: Shrimp and corn chowder(using leftover mashed potatoes) and homemade bread
Saturday: Finally eating out! We haven’t since the beginning of the month
Sunday: spaghetti with meat sauce

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  1. 2.26.08
    Lisa said:

    Yummmmmmmmm, strip steak with mushrooms is one of my favorites that we havnt had around here forever! Now I’m hungry.

  2. 2.26.08
    AJ said:

    Yummy dinners planned!! Still good to knwo they replaced your steaks. You know me to well. I did end up hounding last night with free giftcard at the grocery store…is there anything better than getting your biggest expense(meat) free? DF came to me this morning and asked if I would get him the clearance Head and Shoulders. I did some comparisons Walgreens it is $11 right now for both Shamp and Conditioner-$3 coupon=$8 and there is a $2 rebate =$6. I can get it at CVS with no out of pocket for $4 for both because of clearance. Looks like you were correct, I’m headed out hounding again at lunch. You know me too well I can’t stay away from the store