My friend vinegar

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One of the world’s oldest and most used household items, vinegar is a great addition to the Mom’s/homemaker’s/student’s aresenal of cheap and natural multi-taskers.

I personally love vinegar(apple cider, red wine, distilled and the like) for the cleaning effects it has on my household and my body. I use distilled vinegar to clean anything that my lovely sonny boy or furry baby would run on, lick, bite, and scribble upon. I have to admit, I love the smell of bleach and I love cleaning with products that contain it, but its not healthy for little ones. Unless you thoroughly clean and sanitize AND then make sure those little fingers don’t touch the area until the bleach has fully dried, you can’t be sure that they won’t ingest just a little of that product. And i’m not cool with that.

I also use vinegar as an internal cleanser. Just a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day has given me lots more energy and just a general feeling of health. Since the taste of the vinegar is something to be desired, I mix mine with an 8oz. cup of water, apple juice or cranberry juice(my favorite combo), and gulp until its gone. Sonny boy gets the same treatment as well as the furry baby. Hubby is still hesitant and he’s the one who needs it the most! Go figure. When it comes to the furry baby, I put just a cap-full into his daily bowl of water. Its caused quite a sheen in his fur and his booty-ful eyes are a lovely neon green rather than the tainted orange color they were when we first got him. He’s even eating better…..he used to eat and eat and eat, like he was afraid he wouldn’t have any food the next day. Now his intestinal tract is in better health (according to the vet) and his, well, lets just say the litter box is a lot easier to clean because everything is coming out the way it was supposed to.

Now, for the frugal part….its cheap! I get a gallon of distilled vinegar for the same price as 96 ounces of the STORE BRAND bleach. I use it in everything I clean… floor, dinner table, I even use it instead of fabric softener when I wash clothes. I fill up my little downy ball with vinegar and it works the same way. Diluted vinegar works just as well as lysol or bleach when it comes to killing germs as well, so for those germaphobes, something natural that can kill off natural germs should sound great to you, right?

Well, just wanted to share that with you all and maybe you can implement it into your household. Although, I do miss the smell of lysol. Reminds me of the nurse’s office…..

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  1. 2.7.08
    Lisa said:

    I use vinegar all the time also. Although I’ve never heard of giving it to cats. Interesting.