National Pancake Day…revisited…

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Alas, one of my new favorite holidays, national pancake day, is over. And it was a good one. Hubby and Sonny Boy were ecstatic to have pancakes, eggs, bacon and potatoes(added to the menu) for dinner after our long afternoon (and part of the evening) walking around the mall.

The main reason I loved the day was because it gave me an excuse, other than it being a cheap meal, to serve my family breakfast for dinner. It is one of my favorite meals to have for dinner, thanks to my mother serving it at least once every two weeks, but I think that Paul Bunion Hubby gets a little sick of it from time to time. No matter how cheap it may be, if the family gets tired of it, then you are a bit out of luck. Hubby is also getting tired of roast chicken….but he’s just going to have to get over that one lol.

How did the holiday go for the rest of you? Did anyone get to go to IHOP for their free pancake promotion? Did anyone try out any new pancake recipes?

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  1. 2.13.08
    Lisa said:

    Did you make your pancakes from scratch? I used the recipe I posted on my blog, but the boys requested me to add some chocolate chips. So they had chocolate chip pancakes like what they get at IHOP.

  2. 2.13.08
    Amiyrah said:

    nope, I didn’t have time to make them from scratch since we got home so late. So, as the bacon baked in the oven(thats how I make bacon now…less messy) I ground up some oats and put them into the pancake mix to make it more filling. I love pancakes from scratch, but I used this mix and let it sit while the bacon cooked and it got real thick! So, they turned out the same way my from-scratch pancakes come out.

  3. 2.14.08
    AJ said:

    Amiyrah-thanks so much I got your coupons today, you rock!! Yours are going to be going out this weekend(debt is sending one or two for you in my envelope and asked me to hold your envelope). Happy Valentine’s day!