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Well, its sunday, so you know I had to run to CVS to get my newspapers. Unfortunately, the deals I tried to get didn’t work out as planned. I’ll do the run down and then tell you what went wrong:

1 maybelline superstay lip color- 8.99
2 blistex chap sticks- on clearance for 1.15 each(problem #1)
2 CVS vitamin C (100 ct)- BOGOF this week so 3.99 for both(problem #2)
1 essence of beauty lip butter- clearanced at the register for 1.50(problem #3)
2 metropolitan papers- 4.00
Welsh 2% milk- 3.99

2 coupons for .25 off any blistex
1 coupon for 2.00 off any maybelline lip product
CVS coupon for 3.00 off health and beauty purchase of 15.00
CVS coupon for 5.00 off 15.00 transaction
12.98 in ECBs

Total OOP: 1.29 Total savings: 31.74 97% savings
Ok, here’s the issue….the blistex are a monthly deal of buy 2 and get 1.00 ECB. That didn’t happen. The vitamin C was supposed to ring up at 2.99 but since they are BOGO this week, they upped the price. Plus I was supposed to get 2.99 in ECBs back for each purchase of vitamin C. Didn’t get that either. And finally, I had figured out how much I was going to have to pay after coupons and before ECBs and it was under my ECB amount. I decided to add one of the .29 lip butters to it so it would be about .05 OOP. Well, the lip butter, the exact same one I got on wednesday, was in the clearance bin but rang up at 2.99! I told the cashier that it was in the clearance bin and last time I got it, it was .29. He said “oh ok, i’ll fix it for you.” Instead of charging me .29, he charged me 1.50! I didn’t notice until I got home. So, I ended up using 12.98 in ECBs but only got 8.99 back. I was supposed to get back at least 16. *sigh* Now I have to go return the vitamins and lip butter tomorrow. Like I have gas money for that. So angry!

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  1. 3.17.08
    Precious said:


    I am sorry you feel you had such a bad day. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you have planned. It happened to me today too! I will just move onto the next deal. I thought you did well!

  2. 3.18.08
    Amiyrah said:

    thanks precious! I wasn’t upset with the final price, the the way things got there. It wasn’t what I had planned out and I HATE when that happens.

  3. 3.21.08
    Lisa said:

    You know I had been searching for those lip butters, with your help I finally found them. Listen to this one, my store had them on clearance (if you would like to call it that) buy 2 get one free. The price of the first two were $2.50 a piece! Not cheap enough for me.