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Ugh! This week’s plan has given me such trouble trying to figure it out. I just couldn’t think of anything to make! Then I realized that, yes, I was in a lazy mom rut. Tired of the same old stuff but too lazy to make something new this week. So, I improvised. I decided that I would “make” noodles for 2 of my meals this week in order to make a regular meal a little more special. I plan on using my buddy AJ’s noodle recipe as my base (thanks for the recipe!). So this monday we will have a lovely asian chicken meal with homemade “lo mein” noodles. Wednesday we will have “gnoochi” with a creamy tomato sauce. Since we have no potatoes, I plan on making just the regular noodle dough with some Parmesan in it, rolling the dough into a semi-thin tube, and then cutting into little “gnocchi.” I think the sauce is going to be the kicker. Well, here’s the plan for this week:

Monday: Oriental Chicken with “lo mein” noodles
Tuesday: French Onion soup with cheesy bread; dessert: caramelized pineapple chunks w/ ice cream
Wednesday: “gnocchi” with creamy tomato sauce; leftover cheesy bread
Thursday: Oven roasted BBQ Cornish hens with braised carrots and rice
Friday: Girls night out! Hubby is on his own :oP
Saturday: Stewed tomatoes and dirty rice; dessert: creme caramel
Sunday: Slow cooker beef stew, carrots, and onion with buttered rice

EDIT: I tried to make the homemade noodles and ruined them something terrible! I had to quickly cook some rice in the rice cooker to make up for the disaster. Needless to say, I won’t be using the recipe for the “gnocchi” on wednesday. I found a recipe for gnoochi using mashed potatoes so I will use that(I just bought 3 pouches of mashed potatoes for .30 each today).

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  1. 3.4.08

    Your menu sounds great! You have a great deal of variety, which is so important.

  2. 3.5.08
    AJ said:

    Oh No. Email me if you need help beyond my blog. I can walk you through it better. I think my noodles taste more like dumplings….they are not like pasta noodles from the store. Someone said they taste just like some norweigan kind of noodley dish or something. Not really sure who it was on the GC that said that.