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Pretty easy this week because I’m starting off with my most difficult meal first: Roast Turkey. I’ve never roasted a turkey so this should be interesting. I’m not going to use most of the leftovers for meals this week but will be incorporating the meat into a few of next week’s meals. I already had meals planned for this week but when I got my FREE turkey yesterday, I knew I had to make it at the beginning of this week. Can’t have a raw turkey taking up space in the fridge. Here we go:

Monday: Roast Turkey with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies
Tuesday: Franks in quilts(beef hot dogs in pizza dough) with braised carrots
Wednesday: Gnocchi in tomato cream sauce(so good….will post recipe) with cucumber salad
Thursday: Popcorn shrimp with home fries and green beans
Friday: Homemade hamburger helper with side of corn
Saturday: Military weekend….Hubby and Sonny Boy are on their own!
Sunday: Back from military weekend so it will be leftovers night! Whoo Hoo!

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  1. 3.24.08
    Adrienne said:

    Unfortunately since I live with 2 boys….and our home seems to be the central location for all gatherings of all of our friends…and I’m more particular than the boys about the level/way to clean it’s a disaster. Down right disaster. Even though we just moved in it just seems like no one other than me felt the need to pick up, clean, etc….I’m one girl battling 6 guys…I can only do so much…eeekkkk. (That’s how many people on average are at our house…it’s never quiet there). LOL. I do love them all dearly, but I just want to scrub everything really good, make sure there are no cobwebs I missed and dust everything. LOL. I’m organizing as I go also because there’s just some items that never really got completely organized when we moved in.

  2. 3.25.08
    Precious said:

    So Amiyrah…… did the turkey turn out?

  3. 3.25.08
    Amiyrah said:

    precious, it was….ok. For some reason I let it intimidate me and I forgot the basic steps that I do with my chickens when I roast them: season the outside AND inside, make sure the temp is correct in the oven, tress the legs and wings….blah blah blah. But even though it came out a little dry, I used the drippings and made a gravy for it lol. Hubby said it was too yummy. Without that gravy, he wouldn’t have touched it lol.

  4. 3.25.08
    Jenn said:

    Sounds like you’ve got a great plan! And yes, gravy makes all things perfect…hehehe Have a great week!


  5. 3.25.08

    Sounds like a great meal plan… and glad you got the first turkey meal out of the way, it’ll only be much better and easier from now on 🙂