Saving your pennies(and nickles and dimes)

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Well it was quite a busy day for me today. I got my free pair of new shoes from DSW, got Sonny Boy’s easter outfit, 3 pairs of pajamas, a robe, underwear, undershirts, yada yada yada…..

But I think one of my most surprising encounters today was my trip to the coinstar machine. I used to loathe the coinstar machine because of the percentage they take out of what I put in. Unfortunately, my bank does not have a coin counting machine so when Big hershey(we put our extra change into a giant plastic Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottle) gets too heavy and I need to empty it, I have to venture to the coinstar at my grocery store. Ugh!

Last year around Christmas time, I realized that you could change your money into gift cards or gift receipts toward a list of stores on the machine. I turned our change last year into an amazon credit and got 2 gifts with the money. Since big Hershey was getting heavy already and it wasn’t even June yet (I empty it every 6 months), I decided to take it in today and maybe get a 5 or 10 dollar credit for the movie theater.

Well, 10 dollars was way too low! It turns out that we had 35 dollars worth of pennies, nickles and dimes in that plastic jug! Imagine if we didn’t need our quarters for laundry! Totally unexpected but a great surprise. They didn’t have the movie theater as an option so I turned it into amazon credits again and I will use it towards my used textbooks for next semester.

How many of you save your change? Does anyone save dollar bills?

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  1. 3.17.08
    Precious said:

    Wow! That Hershey’s held a whole lot of money! Good for you! We save our change for our grandaughter’s piggy bank! 🙂