See? Pets aren’t that expensive……

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*In my best pinball the cat voice* No pictures please! I’m a very private cat!
Please leave me be, woman! I need my beauty sleep!

With a cat as *ahem* full of himself as mine, I need to make sure that the food, litter and treats that he enjoys are plentiful in the house. This used to be a task that was hard for me, especially with a little one in the house who needs formula more than the cat needs his 7 dollar bag of cat food. I hated that I sometimes had to give my cat something that he didn’t particularly like but could stomach because it was the store brand food. Now that I know what was in there, I get a little sad that I had to give him that every once in a while. I have learned how to fully utilize my coupons and be a better sale hunter and I can get quality food for him, and even the treats that he loves, without breaking the bank. As you can see by the picture below, I haven’t done too badly.

In the past 2 and a half months I have acquired all of this for him, and the items that are already open are not even pictured here. My furry baby has a bag of goodlife already open right now and a bag of temptations dental care treats open. Everything here only costs me about 13 bucks after coupons! The friskies treats and the purina one actually aren’t for my little baby( he has particular tastes), i’m giving those to my grandfather for his kitties. This can easily last my boy about 6 months food wise and 3 months litter wise. He is currently using a natural litter that I got for 1.00 after coupons but alas, its almost gone. For those out there who think that pets can bust a budget, especially if you want to give them quality food, well, you are just wrong. I guarantee if I actually made kitty’s food myself, I would be saving even more, but that’s an adventure that I am building up to. Please don’t neglect the idea of a pet because of price and please don’t let your pet suffer food wise because you THINK you can’t afford the name brand food. Do some research, clip those coupons and look out for those sales. Its possible!

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  1. 3.21.08
    Lisa said:

    You’ve done a great job hounding for your kitty. I’m doing okay on food, now I need to concentrate on the litter.

    I still havent been able to find the cannister of food either. Where did you find yours?