Spring Cleaning…the series

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As you all know, March 21st marks the beginning of spring. Little baby birds show up, rabbits come out of the wood work, Red Riding Hood skips merrily with her basket and Snow White can be seen singing with all those cute little animals by the cutest full grown tree. Ok, obviously thats fantasy but there is one reality about spring: Spring Cleaning!

Because I am a psycho when it comes to cleaning (those of you who read my blog regularly remember my episode of cleaning at 3 in the morning a few weeks back), I decided that I would take this nice and slow this year. I will give myself up to a week to complete each part of the house and to make it even more interesting, I will blog about it on here every week, making this my very first series. I will share some tips, tricks, trials and tribulations from each section.

The first section will be the bathroom(my least favorite) and the last will be the hallways. As I complete each section, I’d love to receive comments on how you tackled each area. Heck, maybe you’ll want to follow the series in your own house! How fun would that be?

I have a feeling that this will be better for me since I won’t be rushing to finish, ignoring my Husband, Son and Kitty Boy and exhausting myself in the process.

Wish me luck!

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  1. 3.23.08
    Lisa said:

    I’ve been doing some spring cleaning too. I started with my family room.