Spring Cleaning series part 4- the kitchen

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Finally! My favorite room in the house! I spend so much time in this room that I see it as my “home away from home within my home.” I know this list will be a bit short for a kitchen but i’m going to double up on the duties within the days because they aren’t too hard to handle.

Day 1: Wipe down all appliances. Most of your appliances should only need a wipe down unless they are items that you use regularly(microwave, fridge, etc). For the fridge and the stove, just give them a quick wipe down on the outside only(this includes the top and back of the fridge, if you can reach it). These items are going to get their own full day of attention next.
Day 2: Scrub the stove top and clean the inside of the fridge. Baking soda and vinegar will do quite nicely on the top of the stove and when you clean the shelves in the fridge, make sure you don’t use warm water. Warm water heats up the shelves and once put back in the fridge, may cause the plastic to crack from the change in temperature. If you haven’t done it in a while, take everything out of the freezer and look for any food spots that may need cleaning. You may find tonight’s dinner in there!
Day 3: Purge and re-organize those cabinets. A lot of us keep old OLD pots and pans “just in case.” These take up too much room and we never use them, so let them go. Also, once you’ve purged, look at the layout of everything in the cabinets. Put the items that you use the most at the stove in the cabinet next to or above the stove. Put the items that you use at the sink under, next to, or above the sink. Makes sense, huh?
Day4: Clean out that junk drawer and silverware drawer. Look through the junk drawer and purge what you can. Even though the silverware is clean when you put it in the drawer, doesn’t mean that the drawer is clean. Take out that divider, give it a wipe and wipe the inside of the drawer too.
Day 5: Clean and organize your counter tops. Lots of things end up on those counter tops that don’t belong so its time to get them out of your kitchen and put them in their proper place. Make sure all cookbooks and recipe journals are in a organized place together.
Day 6: scrub that kitchen sink. The poor thing goes through so much….it needs a good scrubbing sometimes. Use that baking soda and vinegar one more time(if its not too abrasive for you particular sink). Put out a new sponge and wipe off the top of that dish detergent. That build up goo is not attractive. While your at it, sprinkle some baking soda down the drain, pour a little vinegar and let the magic bubbles get rid of all the build up in your pipes.
*prep for tomorrow*- mix baking soda and water and rub the inside of the oven with it.
Day 7: wipe out the baking soda mixture from the oven. Clean and mop that kitchen floor. Because i’m a lunatic, I clean my kitchen floor on my hands and knees but since you have your sanity(i’m assuming so), you can just use your swiffer or mop or what have you.

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  1. 4.15.08

    Good tips. Thanks!

  2. 4.16.08
    Precious said:

    Thaks amiyrah. I enjoyed and learned a lot from your post.

  3. 4.16.08
    Precious said:

    Hi amiyrah,

    Here is my new blog link:


  4. 4.27.10
    Crystal said:

    I must be a little insane too, because I definitely clean all the floors in my house on my hands and knees about once a month. A mop doesnt really get everything.