Meal plan Monday!

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This is going to be a hard week to plan with my favorite MIL coming into town on Saturday. I hope to be able to cook on Saturday night but if she wants to treat us to dinner, I wont mind lol. We are also going to a sweet 16 on Sunday so we are covered on dinner for that night. I’m going to keep Saturday as a freebie day since I have oodles of items I can use to put a great meal together for Mom, so i’m not gonna stress over it anymore lol.

Monday: Fried Shrimp, tater tots and veggie medley
Tuesday: teriyaki steak and broccoli with brown rice
Wednesday: Corn chowder with grilled cheese sandwiches
Thursday: pioneer woman’s baked chicken legs, rice medley and sauteed broccoli
Friday: Spaghetti night!(requested by Hubby lol) with homemade yeast rolls
Saturday: whatever MIL wants…this should be interesting…
Sunday: Sweet 16 night….free dinner!

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