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Yesterday, I saw pictures of an organic stockpile that an internet buddy of mine has accumulated and it totally tickled my fancy! I realized I never put up stockpile pictures of my pantry items and the many bags of cat food I have accumulated. I LOVE stockpile pictures and I think they are such inspiration to those who are trying to be frugal grocery-wise. My stockpile is at the perfect amount for my family(except juice….we never have enough!) so I am excited to show you all these pictures. I hope they will inspire those who aren’t sure about the importance of stockpiling and taking advantage of sales, coupons, rainchecks and store specials. Enjoy!

Look at all that silk soy milk! I was lucky to find that 2.25 off soy milk coupon online AND have a few online buddies mail me some that they printed so Sonny Boy got about a gallon and a quart(he finished one already) of soy milk for .60 in total! Plus, you see that lovely half gallon of organic lactose free milk? Thats for Mama lol. You can’t really see it , but we also use a Pur water filter to save money and the environment. Less plastic bottles!
Ahhh….the freezer. Packed in this lovely chillfest are 2 packs of perdue nuggets(for sonny when I just can’t put together a full lunch for him), 10 bags of steamfresh veggies and 1 bag of green giant veggies(some are on the freezer door), a frozen loaf of italian bread, frozen homemade garlic bread, a pound of frozen strawberries, 2 jars of peanuts(one pictured), a bag of chicken legs, half a bag of tater tots, 4 bags of sargento shredded cheddar cheese, 2 pounds of cooked ground beef, 2 pounds of uncooked ground beef, lots of chicken stock in ice cube form(not pictured), hershey’s chocolate bars(not pictured) mango puree(not pictured), 4 packs of frozen waffles(taken out of the box to save room) and a half bag of plain M&Ms that I use for baking. Also in the freezer door is a pack of tukey bacon, frozen uncooked homemade biscuits(i’m done with pillsbury….I make ’em better lol), sugar free ice pops and a pound of land o’ lakes butter.
On the left you have the boxes of pasta and then it goes into my freezer bags, plastic wrap, foil, wax and parchment paper, and then storage bags. I have 4 more rolls of foil and one more roll of wax paper in the back right corner. Next to them is a box of brown rice, a box of onion soup mix and then the rice mixes that we use(lipton, uncle ben’s goya). Under that is a green tupperware where I put pasta that has been opened. It keeps it fresher. There are also 4 pouches of potato flakes that you can’t see behind the pasta boxes.
Here is my baking shelf. All of my extracts and seasonings are on this shelf along with my tubs of sugar, flour, powdered sugar, pancake mix(homemade) and brown sugar(front right). I also have a few cake, cookie and brownie mixes that I got for free. I also have my yeast packets here. I bake from scratch a lot(I love to bake) so I don’t keep lots of mixes here.
Whoo Hoo! Canned goods! Hubby(and me) disgustingly like chef boyardee ravioli so I stocked up on it these past few weeks since they were on sale everywhere. Funny thing is, we haven’t touched them yet lol. They are so gross but so good lol. Ok, next to that in campbells select, behind that is 4 cans of butterball chicken broth, next to that are lots of cans of diced tomatoes(hunts and red pack), B&G pickles, chef boyardee microwave bowls, campbells tomato and chicken soups, and 3 jars of organic ragu. Behind that are 2 jars of peanut butter and 3 bottles of jelly.

See that open box in the back? That is my powdered milk. In front of it is more soy milk…organic of course; 3 bottles of joint juice(free), 2 bottles of blue cheese dressing(yuck! but Hubby likes it), 1 bottle of aquafina alive(free) and 3 boxes of ortega taco shells. Also a bottle of natural apple juice that will probably be changed into our apple tea mixture tomorrow.

Here’s my favorite shelf: the goody shelf! We have 6 boxes of 3 pack pop secret, 4 boxes of 10 pack mini bags pop secret, pop tarts(glad they are almost gone lol), organic apple cider vinegar, 3 boxes of celestial seasonings tea, 4 tubs of bakng cups(totally on the wrong shelf), six bags of chex mix, opened box of quaker harvest oatmeal(mmmm), 1 bottle of ketchup, half bottle of pancake syrup(time to make more!) and 1 bottle of soy sauce. Not pictured is my plastic bag filled with black tea bags and Sonny’s cereal tupperware mixture(he likes to eat a mixture of two cereals).
There are 10 boxes/bags of cereal on this shelf, 3 are already opened. There’s our extra virgin olive oil and behind it are 2 cans of pam and 2 jars of cake frosting(totally on the wrong shelf lol).
This is everything that I hadn’t put on the pantry shelves yet.
And last but not least, my 11 bags of goodlife cat food and (not pictured) 8 bags of whiskas temptations cat treats. The bag in the front includes 3 bags of healthful life cat food and 2 bags of whiskas temptations treats; all for the next trip to my grandfather’s house.

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  1. 5.8.08
    Lisa said:


    Did you hound all the Wesson Oil?

  2. 5.9.08
    Shelly said:

    Wow! That encourages me to stockpile more….maybe I should post a pic of the 10 or so boxes of Hamburger Helper I bought! I’ve never heard of putting peanuts in the freezer though.

  3. 5.9.08
    Amiyrah said:

    Shelly, peanuts or any other nut, spoils so you should keep them in the freezer or fridge, if you don’t have space in the freezer. I learned that from Rachael Ray lol.

  4. 5.9.08

    wow, love the pics. it is great to be able to stockpile stuff your family needs.

    love all the soy milk too!

  5. 5.11.08
    Precious said:

    Awesome stockpile! Thanks for sharing the pics.