Re-purposing items: baby bibs

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For the longest time (ok, almost 2 years) I have been holding on to these bibs, thinking I would find some way to use them in the future. Sonny Boy outgrew these before he was even one year old and we had to move on to more sturdy plastic bibs for his solid food excursions. I just couldn’t give these up. Now, i’m glad that I didn’t. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to cut the velcro straps off of each one and use them as wipe rags for the kitchen and dining table. This has cut down on our paper towel use without me having to go out and get those hoity-toity anti bacterial clothes that wal-mart sells for oodles of dollars. I’m looking out for you, mother earth! I also double them up and use them as pot holders. Now I could have saved these for the next baby, but there is something not right about hand-me-down bibs to me. I don’t know why…..I obviously have cleaned them well enough to use them on my kitchen tops but I like the luxury of being able to give each of my children their very own bibs. *chuckle*

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