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With school starting for me this week, I had to get pretty crafty with my meals so I’m not spending a bunch of time in the kitchen when I need to be working on homework. Plus, the weather should be in the 80s most of the week, so I’m going to make 4 or 5 things in the oven today(including pioneer woman’s apple dumplings) so I won’t have to have the oven on this week. The turkey breast meat from Monday’s meal will be used on Thursday for turkey fried rice and the London broil will be used on Friday for overstuffed beef burritos.

Monday: Roasted turkey breast, rice pilaf and mixed veggies
Tuesday: BBQ London Broil with deviled eggs, buttery corn and baked beans
Wednesday:Tuna Cakes and grits with side salad
Thursday: Turkey Fried Rice; dessert-apple dumplings
Friday: Over-stuffed beef burritos with side salad
Saturday: Stovetop casserole(made with whatever is left in the fridge)

Edit: I changed Wednesday’s dinner from breakfast to tuna cakes and grits…I told DH what the menu was and he not-so sweetly reminded me that we had breakfast for dinner last week and the week before that lol. It’s my favorite dinner(besides sautéed scallops) so I try to sneak it in every chance I can. I guess I’ve been caught this time :o)

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