Meal plan Monday!

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No frills menu this week! Just trying to use up some leftovers in the fridge and start using up this crazy stockpile I’ve attained. Since I’m not grocery hounding for the rest of the month, I can just focus on trying out some new recipes. Plus, I plan to use the slow cooker for a few meals just to make things a bit easier. Have a great week!

Monday: slow cooker chicken parm. with whole wheat spaghetti and side salad
Tuesday: slow cooker beef chili
Wednesday: crab rangoon balls(totally making this one up…hope it comes out ok)
Thursday: Army Man beef and rice
Friday: Inside out buffalo bites with steamed broccoli and buttered noodles
Saturday: leftovers night
Sunday: graduation party to go to….free dinner!

Weekly Dessert: Lime curd mousse

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  1. 6.24.08
    Jenny said:

    I’ve never tried slow cooker meals – traditional on the stove only. Does it come out good? How long does it take to make a good meal?

  2. 6.24.08
    Amiyrah said:

    yes, it comes out very good…I think a lot better than on the stove. Its hard for you to mess it up because you just put all of the ingredients in the pot and leave it be. Less changes for human hands to screw it up. Check out the new blog I just put on my favorite blogs list. She is making crock pot meals everyday for the whole year of 2008.

  3. 6.24.08
    Amiyrah said:


    thanks for leaving a comment! i’m so proud of you hounds for finally letting me know you’re out there. I was starting to think about not posting so much on here because I thought no one was reading.

  4. 6.24.08
    Tenney said:

    Dhunny! Look – another step into the 21st century – I even left a comment for AJ, too. I always love reading your blog – it’s great. I especially love the recipes!

  5. 6.25.08
    Jenny said:

    hmm.. I think I will have to get one and try it out. I don’t want to spend hours cooking and if I can just leave it to cook by itself then it’s even better. And thanks for the heads-up on the link, I will check that blog out. Always open to new cooking ideas.