Potty training weekend is over!

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Like the eager young parents that we are, Hubby and I decided that we would dedicate this absolutely hot and muggy weekend to potty training Sonny Boy. Boy was it a disaster! Because it was so hot, everyone, including the cat, was irritated with life in general. so having a toddler, peeing and pooping on himself in “big boy underwears” didn’t go over well. I got frustrated pretty early while Hubby didn’t get frustrated at all about the situation. I thought it would have been the other way around but I couldn’t get over having urine all over my clean house. I felt like I was scrubbing and cleaning all day: scrubbing the floors, scrubbing the carpet(we should have rolled it up), cleaning my child, cleaning his “underwurs” and cleaning myself after I cleaned everything else. By the end of the day, I was afraid to feed sonny boy thinking of what would come out the other end. Ewww. the only time he didn’t have any accidents: when he was taking a nap.

We did learn one positive thing: that sonny boy doesn’t like to be wet…..at all. He would have an accident and start immediately whining and fussing. If we waited to long to change his underwear, he would just deal with it though. That’s not a great thing but I think if I start getting him the pull ups that get cool when he goes in them, we might be on to something. Or maybe not…I don’t know. Being a first time mom really is hard sometimes….especially times like this. If this was the second kid, I know I wouldn’t be so nervous nelly about this. I just want to make sure we are doing things right.

Any Moms out there have any advice for us? Am I going the right way with this or should I try something else?

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  1. 6.9.08
    Penny said:

    I think potty training is really tricky. Like you we went “cold turkey” for a few weeks. It was miserable! But he did finally get it. #1 was reasonably easy to sort but #2 was not. I’m not sure that pull ups would solve the problem but you can but try!

    I do think that there comes a time when they are “ready”. DS was about 3 and a half when he was ready which I believe is quite typical for boys. Once he was trained it was for both day and night – it was like a switch had been turned on.

    But those training weeks were so, so disgusting….

  2. 6.9.08
    frugalsuz said:

    What a cute pic – has someone been playing with the PhotoShop website? 🙂 I can’t wait to give it a try.

  3. 6.9.08
    debhmom3 said:

    My first was about a month past her third birthday when I noticed she had gotten underwear on herself. I asked her where her diapers were and she said “I don’t wear diapers anymore!”. She never had an accident. She was just ready. So with my second (a boy), I just let him lead and he was about 3 1/2 when it call clicked for him. My 3rd (a girl) is just now really not having accidents and she was 4 in March! So, my only advice is to not sweat it and ignore comments about the age kids “should” be potty trained by. You won’t be sending them to college in Depends, so it’ll be okay in the end. 🙂

  4. 6.9.08
    Harmony said:

    I don’t know if this will work for you but it did for me. I found that if I had pullups or underwear on them, they peed (or pooped!) in them! If I let them go bottomless and kept a potty in their sight, like the livingroom (good to do this when you aren’t expecting company for a bit!), they trained a lot quicker. They didn’t want to pee or poop on the floor, not to say accidents didn’t happen, but I found that it cut them down a lot, and being naked kept them aware! I have three boys and they all trained this way, fairly quickly, although some where older than others! I have one who still pees at night (he’s 6!) so there are always challenges, it is all about finding what works for your little one. In the end, they decide when and how! Good Luck!!

  5. 6.9.08
    Amiyrah said:

    thanks to all of you who left comments. They really help and I think I have an idea of what we will do now. With in-laws and my parents constantly asking about it, it gets frustrating….so frustrating that I just want sonny boy to be potty trained already so they will just shut up about it lol. I see now that he could give a rat’s behind about the potty so we will have to change our approach to learning about it, I guess. Thanks again!

  6. 6.10.08

    since I don’t have boys I am not much help…

    but I heard they have these “tinkle targets” that you put in the toilet for him to aim at and try to sink.

    If you got those you could make a game of it.

    But I agree with others, there is not “time” that is set in stone that a child has to be potty trained by, and rumor has it it takes boys longer than girls.

  7. 6.14.08
    Anonymous said:

    We are training DS also. He is 3. I found that when I use the pull-ups that turned cool he thought it was COOL and wanted to pee in them for that reason. Thursday I decided to take the pants off and made him go bare bum all day. The first time I could tell he needed to go #2 he started whining that he wanted his pants back on (so he could “go” in them). I stayed firm on the bare bum all day. We had several running to the bathroom trips that just ended up in crying that he would go later. The last trip to the bathroom I told DS that we were just going to hang out there until he was ready. I could tell he really needed to go. He then quietly walked up and got on the toilet and “went” for the first time in the big potty. Success! I made a big deal out of it and he got to put a robot sticker on his chart (if he gets 5 robot stickers for going #2 he gets to go to chucky chees’s). Shortly after however he peed. Baby steps. Today again, we are bare bottom. When we need to go pee I put a cheerio in for him to aim at. This has worked great. Good luck. Ruby