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Well, I’m finally back in school! Its been almost a whole year since I started my last semester and I’m itching to get back into the swing of things. The overwhelming amount of work that was required plus the new work that I had to do being a new SAHM and a wife for less than 2 years, basically threw me into tears everyday, so I decided after that semester to just focus on one part of this lifestyle and then incorporate the other part within the next year. I think by now I have the SAHM/Wife aspect down pact *wink* so now its time to start back up in school again and finish this doggone English degree!

Now with the addition of 2 college (online) classes to my schedule, how will this effect everything else? Well, it will drastically effect it, but only if I let it. My classes actually started yesterday so I did the first assignments right after I was allowed to log into the virtual class, just to get them out of the way and keep my schedule free to do other things until Wednesday(that’s when I will do my assignments that are due on Friday).
On the home front, I made Hubby’s breakfast sandwiches for work, and I have in the oven right now as we speak, a London broil covered with BBQ sauce and a turkey breast. These two items will be part of 4 out of our 7 meals this week, thus giving me more time to work on school assignments. Now, I have been doing this in my meal planning for a few months now, so I’ve become a pro at it. But, the trick will be to continue doing this for the next 3 months to insure that nothing gets neglected.

Oh yeah, I’ll have to plug in some quality time with Hubby and Sonny Boy somewhere in there.

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  1. 6.2.08
    frugalsuz said:

    That’s a lot to juggle but I have a feeling you’ll be able to wear your fourth hat just fine! I work in higher ed and the key to online classes is to stay on top of the work and not let yourself get behind. Good luck!