He gets two parties?!

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Yes, he does….every year. One in Ohio and one in New Jersey. Ain’t he a lucky stinker? This particular party was a pizza party, as requested by the birthday boy (“mama, I eat pee-za?). I also made Pioneer Woman’s choco cake recipe but in cuppy cake form. I also made a half butter cream- half cream cheese frosting to top them. They were a hit with everyone but the birthday boy. Because he had his cuppy cake earlier in the day(mama shared one with him once they came out of the oven), he just wanted “da cream” as he called it. The lovely young lady sitting next to him in the matching crown is my sister’s best friend Chelci. She is adorable and reminds me much of my best friend Jami that recently passed away. Her birthday is the 8th so I put 13 m&ms on her cuppy cake and made her wear her crown and blow out her candle lol. She was embarassed but thoughtful, just the way I like teenagers. I also gave her a cute little bag filled with goodies from my hounds at CVS: lip gloss, nail polish and such. And because she’s so darn cute, I stashed 13 one-dollar bills throughout the purse and wrote on her card “make sure you check EVERY pocket of your gift!” Since it was a Monday night, the party was quick but lots of fun and everyone was tickled to here how much of a chatterbox my boy has become.

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  1. 7.8.08
    frugalsuz said:

    Your Sonny Boy is just too cute. Its so thoughtful of you to include your sister’s friend in the festivities!

  2. 8.16.08
    gorceryhound mama said:

    Note to Sonny Boy:
    How did you get soooo dang cute?
    You’re a BIG boy now, but do NOT forget to hug your mama. If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be here. And your daddy! Without him, you wouldn’t be here. (We’ll discuss WHY when you’re much, much older.)
    Glad you had a Happy 3rd Birthday! Cuppy cakes–too cute! Can’t wait ’till next year when you hit four, (4)! What will your mama bake then? We’ll just have to wait for another one of PW’s classics.
    Aunt Jmo