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How many of you out there actually pay attention to the body language of people you converse with? I have to admit, I do immensely. Learning how to read body language has helped me excel in work, school and relationships and it has even helped with my frugality. I just read this lovely list called “the 25 acts of body language to avoid” and was nodding my head in agreement with most of them. I also learned a few more that I will be looking out for in the near future. Here are 2 that stuck out at me:

#8: Touching or scratching parts of the face. I CONSTANTLY see this one with managers and cashiers at stores. They try to tell me that they can’t order a specific item, or give me a raincheck, or accept a certain coupon but all the while the are touching or scratching at their faces! Liars! Fibbers! When I see them do that, I know I got them. My response when they do that? Recite their policies for them. A savvy shopper knows what the policies are at the stores they frequent or they are smart enough to try to find out BEFORE they enter the store again.

#20: Propping up your head with your hands. I do this to cashiers that are hell-bent on giving me a hard time for using coupons. They like to take their time, examining every one, making sure I have EVERY item that goes with each coupon, and once they are done, they do it all again for good measure. I just place my elbows on the little check writing area, put my head in my hands and smile at them like a little kid. They hate it! I’ve done it with every “mean” cashier at my stores and now when I show up with my coupons and HAVE TO get in their line, they leave me alone. I think I get in and out of the store quicker when I go to my “mean” cashiers now then when I go to the nice ones lol. Ok, I know that its not a very mature thing to do, but it keeps me from getting stressed and entertains the patrons behind me.

Check out the rest of the article and learn somethin’ on a Friday. A mind is a terrible thing to waste :o)

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  1. 7.12.08
    Jenny said:

    I read that article but didn’t agree with all discriptions. For example I have a bad habit of touching my face or back of my neck at the hair line when I’m in meetings – but it has nothing to do with lying, being undecided or nervous. It’s just a habit. Same with folding hands in front of you when you talk to someone – it’s not being defensive. It’s about being comfortable.

  2. 7.12.08
    Amiyrah said:


    I have also read that touching the back of the neck is a sign of boredom more than a sign of insecurity. I research this type of things from time to time(I have a bit of a obsession with it). Maybe if you do it in a meeting, then you just might be a bit bored…but thats a stretch right? Meetings aren’t boring…they’re great!

    Anothe one that I semi-agreed with but know that it doesn’t pertain to me is the one about people who put their hands on their hips while talking. I get comfortable with people pretty quickly so I tend to do this all the time. Maybe I shouldn’t get so comfortable, but its what I do….and i know it has nothing to do with being cocky. I’m pretty far from that lol.

  3. 7.16.08
    Jenny said:

    Being bored of insecure? not likely. more like having scalp itch 🙂