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Whew! This week is going to be a tough one! We will be at our church for IPMC(international pastors and minister’s conference) every night this week except friday, I have a midterm on thursday and one due sunday, and this weekend I have my military weekend. Whats a girl to do?! Work her butt off on monday getting as many of the meals cooked as possible, thats what! This is why at 2:42pm, I still don’t have my meal plan posted. Well, I finally figured it out. I will use some of the chicken and hamburgers that hubby grilled on saturday for a few of the meals this week and we will definitely be having a leftover night. Alright, here goes nothing!

Monday: BBQ chicken pizza with onion(made from a few the BBQ chicken)
Tuesday: ground beef stroganoff(made from chopped up grilled hamburgers) with a side of carrot spaghetti shreds
Wednesday: Chicken spaghetti with side salad
Thursday: leftovers night
Friday: Tuna cakes with slow cooker potatoes and carrot medallions
Saturday and Sunday: Mama’s off to serve our country!

Dessert for the week: walnut choco chip cookies and some kind of dessert bread(wanna use that new-to-me breadmaker for the first time)

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