Meal plan Monday!

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I am so late in the day for posting this but i’ve been getting the house back in order from the shambles Hubby and Sonny Boy left it in while I was gone this weekend. Men! Anyways, while I was cleaning, I thought about what I wanted to prepare this week. Then, when I got home from the grocery store this afternoon, I had the whole meal planned.

Monday: BBQ chicken quesadillas(yes, we still have chicken left over from Hubby’s grilling)
Tuesday: Marinated london broil with carrot shredds and rice
Wednesday: veggie patstisio(froze half of it from the last time I made it)
Thursday: grilled spice rubbed chicken breasts with army man rice
Friday: Poor mom’s “keilbasa” with egg noodles and carrots
Saturday: Leftovers night
Sunday: Free day! Hubby picks the dinner….Lord, help me!

Dessert for the week: macerated strawberries and whipped cream
Bread of the week: potato bread

A new part of my meal plan Monday: bread of the week! Now that I have attained my FREE bread machine, I am going to try to make the bread for Hubby’s lunch’s every week. He was in heaven with the very first loaf I made, so this should be fun to do! After we have tasted each new bread and I decide if its blog-worthy or not, I will post the good recipes on here for others with bread machines. So stay tuned!

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  1. 7.21.08
    frugalsuz said:

    I borrowed my parents’ bread machine a while back and went hog wild making yummy, delicious bread of all kinds. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the size of the loaves – they were a little awkward for sandwiches, but that could have just been that machine. Does your recipe book have an Italian seasoning bread? Oh my goodness, heaven on a plate.

  2. 7.21.08
    Precious said:

    I LOVE potato bread!YUMMY!

  3. 7.22.08
    Amiyrah said:


    I think that it has that recipe, but i’ve been doing the recipes from hillbilly housewife and so far, they have been great. I even made the dough for pioneer woman’s cinnamon rolls in the breadmaker. Fabulous! I’m so glad I took peacemom’s advice and went on freecycle to see if anyone had a free one available. Hubby is very excited about the potato bread and i’m searching for a portuguese sweet bread recipe. its my all time favorite breakfast bread and I haven’t had it since we moved from Newark…

  4. 7.24.08
    Anonymous said:

    Good morning!
    It’s me, hitenney. When I go home I’ll pull out my Nana’s (several) sweet bread recipes. Yes, we are Portuguese….among other things. I do remember the potato bread/roll recipe really only called for water that had been used to boil potatoes. I now have use of a bread machine, too, and am looking forward to the egg bread recipe. It came with two booklets, including some fruitcake type recipes – do you want copies?
    And congrats on the Weblog award – you deserve it!