Stockpile Double Agent series- Kool Aid

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Yet another item we grocery hounds accumulated within the last month! With the wonderful coupon that came out in Parade Magazine a few weeks ago, a good amount of us stocked up on kool aid packets to receive those free slices of kraft cheese. Such a great deal! Now what to do with all of those packets?

Precious over at frugal makes cents, uses the lemon flavored packets as a cleaner for her dishwasher. Genius!

Another great idea is to save them for easter and use them as dye for your easter eggs. And no, your eggs won’t taste like fruit punch, but they sure will smell great.

Is tye-dye still in style? If so, kool aid does a great job of turning your white items psychedelic. You can even just use one color and change a plain white shirt into a colorful pastel. Yes, pastel…..the kool aid dyes aren’t very deep in color, so it will make a light color. This is a great idea for dingy white tees or shirts that you just can’t part with.

Want even more ideas? Guess what? Lisa over at Living easy has been posting them all week! Go over to her blog and check out what ideas she’s found in cyber space. And stay tuned for the next double agent. Here’s a hint: its definitely for the ladies…..

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  1. 7.30.08
    Precious said:

    No one has ever called me a genius before! Thanks! My friend, Leanne gave me this tip years ago. It makes sense because if you read those expensive cleaners that they sell for your dishwasher, they are just a citrus powder or citrus based on the liquid ones.

    I never thought to color eggs with them. Thanks for that idea. I also have been enjoying Lisa’s Kool Aid ideas!

  2. 7.31.08
    Lisa said:

    I think I will be doing the colored eggs also. I had forgotten about Precious saying she used it to clean her dishwasher until she posted that again.