Holy Bags of Candy, Batman!

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Please explain to me what I’m going to do with 8 bags of candy? Well, at least Halloween is right around the corner. Will it last that long? I think not! Here’s how my trips went down today:


2 bags gold emblem hard candies- on sale 2 for 3.00
2 bags dove chocolate- on sale 2 for 6.00
1 bottle CVS seasoned salt- on sale .88
1 bottle CVS garlic powder- on sale .88

CVS coupon for 1.00/2 gold emblem candies
CVS coupon for 2.00 off 10.00
Coupon for BOGO dove chocolate bags- adjusted to 2.76
5.00 in ECBs

Total OOP: .07(NJ sales tax)!!! Savings: 13.96 or 99%….plus, I got back 5.00 in ECBs


4 bags hershey’s bliss chocolate- on sale for 2 for 6.00
2 packs bic pens- on sale 2 for 1.00

coupon for 1.00 off 2 packs of bic items- FREE pens!
Easy saver coupon for 2.00 off 2 bags of hershey’s bliss chocolate, applied twice
4 coupons for 1.00 off hershey’s bliss chocolate

Total: 4.91 with tax. Here’s the best part: there is a rebate at WAGs….if you buy 10.00 of hershey’s candies, you get 5.00 back. So, with the 10% extra that I will get for putting the rebate on my gift card, I will get back 5.50, giving me an overage of .59!

Now, I’m off to go start eating my way through my chocolate paradise….wish me luck!

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  1. 8.14.08
    Precious said:

    If you can’t eat it all, I am ALWAYS game for chocolate! Great shopping day!

  2. 8.14.08
    Jenny said:

    You can never have too much chocolate.. especially if it’s dark and lush.

  3. 8.15.08
    MyShelly said:

    I passed an award on to you and hope you will accept it 🙂

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