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Hey everybody! Guess what? Its Recipe Week here at 4 hats and frugal! For more information, go here. 2 of these recipes are going to be included in my meal plan for this week and I can’t wait to post the pictures of them! How fun!
Monday: Meatloaf with sour cream mashed potatoes and shredded “candied” carrots
Tuesday: Applesauce chicken(New recipe!) with steamed broccoli and garlic bread
Wednesday: homemade Mexican pizza with side salad
Thursday: Creamy chicken soup(new recipe!) with quick gnocchi “dumplings”
Friday: egg salad sandwiches with garlic green beans
Saturday: free day for mom! leftovers night!
Sunday: off to the parents’ abode

Dessert for the week: Pioneer woman’s apple dumplings, but made in the slow cooker!
Bread for the week: Money saving mom’s wheat bread(I already made this once just to try it and it is phenomenal!)

Note: all recipes in red will be made in the slow cooker. In honor of “recipe week,” I have gone through my previous posted recipes and marked the ones that are great in the slow cooker with a “slow cooker” label so they are easy to find for future reference. I have also added instructions on those recipes for use in the slow cooker. Thanks to Stephanie over at A Year of Crockpotting, for inspiring me to use my slow cooker more!

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  1. 8.18.08
    Sherry said:

    I have been wanting to try the PW’s apple dumplings! They look SO luscious! Enjoy!


  2. 8.18.08

    OOH, Great week! Applesauce chicken sounds interesting! I’m curious to hear how it goes!

    I tried the apple dumplings from Pioneer woman. They DO NOT disappoint!

  3. 8.18.08
    Amy T said:

    Mmmm, now I’m going to have to get over to PW and check out those apple dumpling. Also, I love the idea of using gnocci as dumpling – I have had very little success with dumplings in the past (big gooey mess!), but maybe gnocci would do!

  4. 8.18.08
    Amiyrah said:

    sherry, crazy daisy and amy t,

    thanks for stopping by! Yes, PW’s apple dumplings are to die for and all of the ingredients are on sale at my respective stores this week so I knew I just had to make them lol. Amy t, I was watching 30 minute meals one day and Rachael Ray used gnocchi as “dumplings” and I thought “how brilliant!” I made them a few times before but never really liked how they came out. I have always loved how my quick gnocchi came out so I looked in the freezer and saw I had some! Voila! Chicken and dumplings for dinner!

    yes, its sometimes hard to have 4(5 or 6) hats but its also very exciting for me. I especially am loving this blog. It lets me help those all over the country while I can still be the little homemaker in our little place. Its like the best of both worlds!

  5. 8.18.08
    Sherry said:

    My hat goes off to you for wearing 4 hats!! 😀 Being a military spouse I know that it has to be hard.


  6. 8.18.08

    hi Amiyrah, thank you for your kind words and for the link to my site. I’m interested in hearing more about your applesauce chicken—are you going to post the recipe this week?
    your menu sounds wonderful.

  7. 8.18.08
    Amiyrah said:

    oh my! stephanie! why yes, I am going to post the recipe this week….I will actually post it tomorrow and post a picture of it tomorrow evening after I plate it for dinner. Now i’m really excited about posting it! lol please come back tomorrow and take a gander :o)

  8. 9.1.08
    Kiy said:

    Wow, what a great menu. I want to be at your house this week for dinner! I must be the only one on the planet what hasn’t tried PW’s apple dumplings. Don’t tell my dh though, he loves them and would love to be my taste tester!

    Have a super week, Kiy

  9. 9.1.08
    Sherry said:

    We’re having a few recipes of Pioneer Woman’s this week, too. I haven’t tried the apple dumplings yet.

  10. 9.1.08

    O my goodness, apple dumplings, wow! Have a fabulous week!


  11. 9.2.08

    Sounds like a yummy week! I am definitely going to have to go check out those apple dumplings, and I can’t wait to hear/see how your applesauce chicken turns out-sounds delish!!

    Have a great week,