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well, well, look who hit 20,000 hits in just 3 months! 4 Hats and Frugal has been tracking hits since July and we finally hit 20,000 and I can’t be more excited. I wish I would have thought to put a tracker in when I started the blog, but once I decided to dedicate more time to 4 hats, it really made more sense to do it then. July was a turning point and I realized that I had fallen in love with blogging. I can’t wait to see what else will transpire before the new year and my blogiversary!

Also, I know that a few of you have tagged me for that “random things about me” list and I had been avoiding it until now. Yes, I admit it, I have. I knew that the 20,000 hits were coming so I decided to wait until then to do it and list 20, yes 20, random things about me that you all might not know. Since I didn’t know about the blog tradition of posting 100 things about yourself on your 100th post, i’ll make up for it with this list. Let the crazy begin!

1. I have a sister and she is 14 years younger than me
2. I was a hair model for 5 years straight and still do it on and off now
3. Every 2 weeks, I have an aversion to eggs and bananas. The smell or sight of them make me want to vomit for about 14 days
4. I used to be a horrible cook! I mean, really bad. One time I made Hubby a turkey bacon sandwich in the microwave. Yuck!
5. My favorite meal when I was younger was rice and gravy. My grandmother would let me eat it all day if I wanted.
6. Still to this day, my grandmother is the biggest influence in my life. She’s been gone 12 years, but I still feel her around, especially when I’m cooking.
7. I’m left-handed but play sports with my right hand
8. I was MVP of my lacrosse team and also played soccer and field hockey
9. My freshman year, I was the school mascot
10. The next year, I became a cheerleader :o)
11. I live and breathe for crab legs. They are my weakness
12. I have a really big shoe addiction. No, seriously. I use to own 50 pair, and that was after I had already given some away
13. I have problems finishing books, especially if I like it. I never want it to end so I put off reading the second half
14. At the age of 10, I decided that I wanted to become a corporate lawyer. I think it was from watching too much LA Law. I was a pre-law major until I returned from military training.
15. I am obsessed with vampire movies and tv shows
16. I am the oldest of 14 cousins on my mother’s side. Being responsible for them all has helped me realize my love of children and teaching
17. I love roller coasters and heights but am terrified of spiders.
18. I was raised by over-protective parents so I was a bit of a “closet” bad seed. They still don’t know half of the things I used to do :oP
19. My first and middle name combined means “princess of light” in Arabic
20. I love to watch any and every kind of movie and I tend to surprise people with my extensive knowledge of old or very obscure movies.

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  1. 10.28.08
    bugsi033 said:

    I love vampire movies & shows. I was addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Underworld movies were great. I’m glad to know I’m not the only adult who loves these.

  2. 10.28.08

    I just was going to tag you with the knowledge ahead of time that you would not have time to participate, and here you beat me to it. Can I consider you tagged by me too from centralillinoisian.blogspot.com? I am even thought I know that you are ahead of me and have it done….

  3. 10.28.08
    frugalsuz said:

    Wow, 20,000 hits! Look at you girl, that’s awesome!

    How did you set up the tracker? I don’t see that anywhere.

  4. 10.28.08
    Amiyrah said:

    bugsi, you are not alone lol. I even love buffy the vampire slayer movie that came out in the early 90s. So many (now) famous people in it!

    central, you can count me on your list. I’ve been tagged quite a few times but it always happens when i’m super busy and not able to fully participate. The stars aligned this time though :o)

    frugal, I don’t remember where it is on blogger, but it was one of the options when you decide the parts of your page(blog list, extra text box, etc). I remember I just roamed around my blogger for a while and found it.

  5. 10.28.08
    Precious said:

    It is hard for me to believe that you once didn’t know how to cook. Your recipes are scrumptious!

  6. 10.28.08
    Katy said:

    Amiyrah! Congrats congrats congrats! 20 THOUSAND HITS!! That is amazing!

    Very cool, and very interesting to read the 20 things about you…although I agree with Precious — tough to believe you haven’t always been an amazing cook!

  7. 10.28.08
    Jenny said:

    Congratulations on 20,000 hits! That’s alot of visitors to your site. And I’m surprised to hear that you didn’t know how to cook when you keep dishing out such scrumptious meals. Wish I could be as good as you.

  8. 10.29.08
    ~huntfish said:

    ok…..this is freakey deaky….my favorite movie is Forest Gump, I was school mascot (rode a horse)and then became a cheerleader the following year….and there were a couple of other “matches” including the g-mamma’s cooking…ok thats a no-brainer..I think we might be twins…how cool is that?

  9. 10.29.08
    Amiyrah said:

    yay huntfish! I love that you are blogging now :o)

    that’s cool that we have a few “life facts” in common! We also tend to cause belly laughs in others…you crack me up on the board all the time and I tend to do the same for my friends. I think thats the only reason they keep me around :oP

  10. 10.30.08
    JennysMom said:

    No, lady, your friends keep you around ‘cuz you’re an incredible, giving human being and very wise. Believe it, ‘cuz I said so.
    And woof on the 20,000 hits! Soon you’ll get a bloggie like PW and we’ll all get to say we knew you when.
    And if I start a blog, do I have to share 20 things about me? Jeez, I think I’ve spilled enough kibble on the Pound already, don’t you?

  11. 11.7.08
    Melissa said:

    6. Still to this day, my grandmother is the biggest influence in my life. She’s been gone 12 years, but I still feel her around, especially when I’m cooking.

    this true for me as well.. weird how deshelling hard boiled eggs only makes me think of her. Her hands, what she talked about as we cooked together. *sigh* 5 years this month for me.