Boys and Leaves….my favorite part of Autumn

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Ahhh to be a little boy surrounded by leaves. Leaves you don’t remember seeing last year and are genuinely amazed at seeing this year. Here he comes…his name is Trouble…

Just look at how intense their encounter is….red-blooded American boy, age 3, studying the unsuspecting group of discarded leaves, age 9 months…

Poor little buggers…they obviously don’t know what will happen next. He’s got them in his sights and…

As I suspected…he’s practicing for his Ph.D. in Botany. God Bless his little heart.

Hmmm…these specimens are just right. Yes, indeed. I’ll have that doctorate completed in no time!
But, uh oh, trouble lurks in the woods. There are Paul Bunyan types afoot!

Run boy! Your Daddy’s on the loose! And he’s armed with leaves! Lots and lots of leaves!

Whoa…he’s so fast, he blurs the picture! Yeah, that’s why it’s blurred….it has nothing to do with his Mother’s amateur photography skills. Yeah, that’s the ticket…look at him go!

And in the end, he is victorious….a boy playing with leaves…that’s all.

This post is dedicated to Sonny Boy’s “Auntie S” from CA, who constantly asks for new pictures of him to be posted on this blog. He sees you too, “Auntie S”…..he sees you too.

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  1. 11.24.08
    bugsi033 said:

    Oh, I wanna be Auntie R, cause he is so dang cute!

  2. 11.24.08
    frugalsuz said:

    Aww, that little Sonny Boy is so darn adorable! I love the commentary too, you totally had me cracking up!

  3. 11.24.08
    Precious said:

    Thanks for the pictures. He is so cute!

  4. 11.24.08
    JennysMom said:

    OMG! The cuteness factor is over the top. It’s just too much, I have to cover my eyes. Nope, too late. Even when he’s blurry, he’s
    Here I come Sonny Boy. Make a huge
    mound of leaves for me to jump in. OK, you go first!
    Mahalo nui loa, Amiyrah. Yep, you made my day.

  5. 11.24.08
    Tenney said:

    And I wanna be Auntie T – once everybody sees how cute he is, he’ll have a whole alphabet of aunties! Love your blog, Amiyrah…Happy Fall!

  6. 11.25.08
    ~huntfish said:

    woo hoo……leap…dive…I love leaves, and he is such a doll!!…..thanks for this special post….

  7. 11.25.08
    Weaselfer said:

    He’s so cute. Too bad (or is that good?) that we don’t have many leaves on the ground here in Texas. You don’t have to rake them, but can’t play in them either.

  8. 11.26.08

    What a beautiful boy!

  9. 11.30.08
    4in4 said:

    This whole entry is just lovely – you have a real talent for combining text with photos – and the boy is pretty cute too. 🙂

  10. 11.30.08
    Silli Jilli's Life said:

    Well it was said several times before but I will just say it again. He is too darn cute!!!! I hope you are ready for all the girls. hehehehe