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Well, all! It’s Sunday so it’s time for another giveaway! This time, I had to give something from my favorite drug store. Since I am so excited about the upcoming black Friday deals, I wanted to give away a 10 dollar gift card to CVS! It may not be much, but you big “deal hounds” out there can make that 10 bucks stretch to no end. Want to enter? Here are your ways to enter:

1) Leave me a comment on this message telling me your favorite part about the holidays. I just love stories like that!
Edit: Everyone, please take the time to do this. I know you may be excited to enter but I have to make this fair and if you don’t do this one little thing, I can’t except your entry.

2) Become a follower of this blog and you get 2 more entries. Great news! If you already are a follower(remember, a follower, not a subscriber….there’s a difference!), you automatically get the two entries. Just let me know in your post that you either just became a follower or already are. So Easy!

This giveaway will end in on Friday, November 21st. The winner will be announced Saturday at midnight and contacted at that same time. I want to be able to get the card out to the winner ASAP so make sure to check back here next Saturday!

*Of course, this prize comes from the bottom of my sweet little heart, and not in any way affiliated with CVS. See how much I love my readers! Kisses to all of you!

*TOOT TOOT* Time, she’s up! Come back at midnight to see the winner!

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  1. 11.17.08
    Shannon said:

    Hi! I actually found your blog from WIR grocery thread. I’m a newbie on there. Indywifew/2dogs is me:)
    Anyway, I LOVE being w/ my family and my husbands family on Christmas. We don’t have kids yet so we have the best time w/ our nephews. That is my favorite thing about Christmas.

  2. 11.17.08
    Nimue926 said:

    After our Church Chrismtas Eve service, our second favorite thing to do is all load up in the van with blankets and cups of boiled custard (or egg nog), turn up the Christmas music and ride around and looking at lights!

  3. 11.17.08
    Jami said:

    I love filling the stockings. It was a huge tradition when we were kids and we have carried it on with ours!

    P.S. I’m now a follower.

  4. 11.17.08

    I love breaking bread with friends and family. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    p.s. I am also a subscriber.

  5. 11.17.08
    Jackie said:

    We have a huge collection of Christmas books, some are my husbands and mine from when we were little. Every year when we get out decorations and put up the tree we put the books in a big basket. Each night since the time the boys were little they each get to pick a book to read. We turn out all the lights except from the Christmas tree and sit on the couch and read. Even though our oldest is 19 when he came home from college last year at Christmas one of the first things he looked for was the basket of books. Very special memories!


  6. 11.17.08
    Carolyn said:

    I love spending time with my family during Christmas. Since my parents passed away, we hardly get together anymore, but we always try to come together at least once during the holidays.

    thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  7. 11.17.08
    Carolyn said:

    I just became a follower. Lead on.

    ceashark at aol dot com

  8. 11.17.08
    Christy said:

    I just like getting together with family and friends. We usually have a special reading of the Christmas story or something similar. This year, because there are so many small kids, I think we’re going to do a reading of a special children’s Christmas book.

  9. 11.17.08
    Precious said:

    I love Christmas. We have had a tradition in our family of having the whole family together at our house for Christmas brunch. It si a little harder to do these days with fmaily so far away but there will be 5 of us this year. We do scrambled eggs, oj, bacon or ham, English Muffins. coffee, fruit salad,coffee cake and Champagne.

  10. 11.17.08
    cpullum said:

    My favorite part of the Holiday is the decorations. We always go to Disneyland to celebrate the Christmas season and we also go to Mountain High to sled down in the snow!!


  11. 11.17.08
    frugalsuz said:

    So cool! I love your new threads about the giveaways – its so generous and creative of you. Anyhoo, I’ve been a follower for a while and my favorite thing about Christmas is giving presents. I love when you have found the perfect thing for someone that they’ve always wanted or touches their heart. The look on their face is priceless! It wasn’t for Christmas, but for our one year anniversary, I made my boyfriend a scrapbook of all the mementos and pictures we’d accumulated over the year along with little messages and notes about what they meant. He LOVED it!

  12. 11.17.08
    Lacy said:

    I love the Christmas parade, and the church play! I love watching my kids’ faces light up at all the excitement and anxiety of not knowing if santa will come! I think I just love it all. Oh yeah, and the Christmas music!!! I have to listen to Christmas music non stop! *my husband can’t stand that!*

  13. 11.17.08
    Jingle said:

    I love the holidays! One of my favorite things is the day after Thanksgiving. My husband, my sister, and my parents (along with any visiting family that wants to tag along) all go out to the Christmas Tree farm to cut down my parents Christmas tree. This has been a tradition since I was a kid, so I love that we still do it every single year! It is just a lot of fun every single time!

  14. 11.17.08
    Emily said:

    Hmm…my favorite thing about Christmas is getting lots and lots of gifts! Ok…jk. I like our Christmas Eve church service. It’s smaller and more intimate, and we get to sing all the best songs 🙂 Love Christmas music too.

  15. 11.17.08
    bugsi033 said:

    Spending time with my family. My brothers all come to my mom’s house & we are like a bunch of little kids again. I also love how the holidays bring out the best in people. It’s just a feeling you get during the holidays. Everyone is a little more polite, accomodating, and considerate of others. The spirit of giving spreads quickly through the season as many jump in to help out local charities. Its the season of hope!

  16. 11.17.08
    pubbler said:

    Xmas is my favourite holiday. There are so many ‘BEST Parts’ of Xmas for me. The best would be, being with my family (its a huge one). We would always go to church on Xmas morning & afterwards we’d all head to my parents house to open gifts. I love giving & its just great to see the excitement & joy on the kids’ faces when they open their gifts. this is followed by a huge lunch & the rest of the family visiting. Or we would all load up & go visit my mom’s family. I do miss those times. But let’s not forget the true meaning of Xmas. A time when we received the Greatest Gift of all.

  17. 11.17.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love what the season stands for–the birth of a Mighty Christ coming to save. And I love the coziness of our home with the soft lights from the tree and the fire in the wood stove.


  18. 11.17.08
    Jenny said:

    There are many reasons why I love holidays but the best one for me is cooking up a storm together with my DBF and then having entire family over for the evening.
    ps. don’t count this as entry. it’s just a regular comment.

  19. 11.17.08

    I love spending time with famliy. This year I am looking foward to watching DD open her presents and play with them. She will be 16 months. So it is her first “real” Christmas.

    I am also a follower.

  20. 11.17.08

    I love opening the packages Christmas morning with Bing Crosby playing in the background.

  21. 11.17.08
    Holly said:

    I love spending time with my family during the holidays. Since everyone is always so busy now we don’t always get time to spend together. Everyone makes an effort to get together during the holidays and I love it.

    I also just became a follower.

  22. 11.17.08

    My favorite thing about the holidays is reconnecting with friends & family. Sadly I don’t make the time to keep in touch as closely as I should throughout the year, so always try to catch up during the holidays.

    I’m also a new follower of your blog.

  23. 11.17.08
    Miriam said:

    Favorite part of the holidays are the traditions – whether it’s reusing the decorations we made as kids, or the same recipes on the table, or the same music (now updated from records to cds). (And I’m now a follower too … ~Miriam (aka Curry!)

  24. 11.17.08
    whyme said:

    Oh, you’re really not going to like mine, but…. My favorite part of the holiday season is when it’s over. Sorry. We have Thanksgiving, my mil’s birthday, our property taxes, my dh’s birthday, tag renewal taxes on 3 vehicles, Christmas, our youngest son’s birthday, my birthday, our nephew’s birthday, New Year’s, & our anniversary. all compressed into 6-week time frame. It’s busy. It’s expensive. And I need a vacation when it’s over. So as much as I love this big, boisterous, incredible family I married into, my favorite part of the holiday season is the week of “leave me alone” when it’s over. How sad is that?

  25. 11.17.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love the Christmas music!


  26. 11.17.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, which we have had for years, it is fondue! YUMMY!


  27. 11.17.08
    Anonymous said:

    Oops! I left the wrong email I said I love the Christmas music! My email is really
    Karen 🙂

  28. 11.17.08
    Ladybug's Mom said:

    I love all of the Christmas decorations!

  29. 11.17.08
    krissy said:

    i love getting together with family, decorating, wrapping gifts and giving them to people. i also love the christmas music and the excuse to pig out!

  30. 11.17.08
    krissy said:

    i am now a follower =)

  31. 11.17.08
    Rita said:

    My favorite part of the holidays are stockings and doing Angel gifts. This will be the first year we have our own child, but in previous years we have always picked out gifts for needy kids in our area…one year we did as many as 14! It feels so good!

  32. 11.18.08
    Lillie said:

    It’s a tie: I love to go looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and I love the day after Christmas shopping with my sister and my mother. Both are times I cherish spending time with my family and making memories!

  33. 11.18.08

    I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks and now I am an official follower 🙂

    My favorite thing about the holidays is the wonderful smells that are all around. They bring my back to happy childhood memories. I love the scents of pine, sweet things baking in the oven, coffee and tea brewing, turkey and ham roasting, scotch tape and wrapping paper (yes it has a smell) and bread baking.

  34. 11.18.08
    Mary said:

    My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with family. It’s wonderful to be with loved ones.

  35. 11.18.08

    My favorite thing about the holidays is everyone seems happier. All the “happy Holidays””, Merry Christmas”, “Seasons Greeting” always bring a smile to my face add the music and you have a blockbuster. Thanks:)
    theresa N

  36. 11.18.08
    Rebecca said:

    My favorite part of the holidays is when my mom makes real cocoa on the stove after the Christmas Eve Service. It is just a shame that I live far away. Making your own never tastes the same. Maybe it is her pot or something.

  37. 11.18.08
    Rebecca said:

    Oops, forgot to say I just became a follower 🙂 Thanks (nasagreen)

  38. 11.18.08
    Rita T. said:

    My favorite part of the whole season is the music coupled with the opportunity to celebrate Christ’s birth with our family.

  39. 11.18.08
    Cher said:

    I love Black Friday! The thrill of the deals, lack of sleep, and bonding with my mom!

    I also just started following your blog!

  40. 11.18.08
    Kate G. said:

    I’m going to become a follower and my favorite Christmas memories are of my Grandma. She loved Christmas and was a frim beliver in Santa. I loved helping her bake cookies and to this day still have her recipe box with her hand writen cards. I still miss her this time of year.

  41. 11.18.08

    We have a few holiday traditions & that is my favorite part – cutting down our own tree. Letting each of the kids choose an ornament (they write their name on it and get to take it with them when they have a family of their own)…stuff like that.

  42. 11.18.08

    My favorite part of the holidays is being with family, exchanging gifts, and enjoying all the wonderful food! This is my daughter’s first Christmas and so it will be especially special this Christmas!

  43. 11.18.08
    smnotter said:

    We have three little girls and we make a paper chain on Thanksgiving Day and tear a link off every day until Christmas. The girls love counting down!

  44. 11.18.08
    QuickMom said:

    I love the smells at Christmas and the looks on peoples faces when they get an incredible gift!

  45. 11.18.08
    4torock said:

    Found your blog through Money Saving mom- LOVE it!! Christmas is my favorite time of year because as a kid we never had traditions or even made that big a deal out of Jesus’ birth… When I had my kids ( 4 and 1 on the way!) my husbands family had it covered! We have Elfs that appear around Thanksgiving to listen for kind words, any missing socks are hung up and starting on Dec 1st a different child takes a peak as to what is inside (candy,cars, little items…this is where some cvs $$ will come in handy! lol) a bday party for Jesus and much more but as you can see I truly love Christmas and hope my children will carry on all the love and traditons we have 🙂 thanks again!

  46. 11.18.08
    Eden C. said:

    I love being with my husband (we have had many Christmas’ together with my family in the past, but this year is our first Christmas married!) I also love baking smells from holiday baking, making plans for the holidays, hot chocolate while planning them, doing the holiday cooking, celebrating with friends & family & SO much more!
    P.S. I just became a follower too!

  47. 11.18.08

    I like the music…and the egg nog. Plus a new Christmas tradition of holiday milk from Target!

  48. 11.18.08

    I love the music!!
    babygoodbuys at gmail dot com

  49. 11.18.08
    Alexis said:

    My most favorite part of the holidays is the magic in the air and spending time with my husband and children. Sounds simple but it always feels like stolen time.

  50. 11.18.08

    One of my favorite memories was when we traveled to TX to visit family and traveled through a “drive-through” light show. So much fun!

    Just became a follower! (as Team Whitney)

  51. 11.18.08
    Nydia said:

    GREAT GIVEAWAY, you are right $10 at CVS can go a LONG way!

    My favorite part of the holidays is the abundance of food that seems to come along with the celebrations!

  52. 11.18.08
    Debbie said:

    Happy Holiday Season to you and yours! I guess what I love most of the holidays is just that everyone gets together and visits, we play Santa Bingo and have lots of goodies to snack on! You know just being with those you love and remembering those who have made your Christmas special in the past, I miss my Mom and Father-in-law (they have passed on) during the holidays. I remember My Mom used to bake a birthday cake for Jesus for my boys when they were young I thought that was so cute!

  53. 11.18.08
    Anna said:

    I love spending time with family around the Christmas tree, reminiscing about the year, laughing together, reading the Christmas story and munching on caramel corn.

  54. 11.18.08
    Linda said:

    the holidays to me are all about spending time together as a family. Growing up we didn’t do a lot of gift exchanging and such like but we did spend time with family. I like it that way. Thanks for the giveaway. lovemylittlefamily at yahoo dot com

  55. 11.18.08
    kelly said:


  56. 11.18.08

    I actually just became a follower.

    My favorite part of Christmas is snuggling up with my family on the couch and watching our son open his presents (he is so thankful).

    Secondly it would be finding the perfect gift, wrapping it and then watching the face of my little cousins as they open gifts that I have purchased for them.

    Thirdly I love the meal, oh can you tell Christmas is my favorite time of year.

  57. 11.18.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love that my husband gets some time off to spend with us.

    momkell at yahoo dot com

  58. 11.18.08
    Chasity said:

    I absolutely LOVE the holidays! My favorite part is getting time off and using that time to spend with friends and family!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  59. 11.18.08

    I adore the traditions of the holidays. Christmas eve church service, the same ornaments on tree, reading the Christmas story with my kids even tho they are young adults on their own, the food we have year after year!

  60. 11.18.08
    Tara said:

    I love the food…yum yum yum. Too bad I’m on Weight Watchers right now.

  61. 11.18.08
    Jess said:

    Hi I found your blog off of money saving mom and now am a follower =)

    I love the candle light Christmas Eve service at our church – being together with my church family celebrating Jesus birth is just so amazing. I love spending Christmas Day with my family 🙂

  62. 11.18.08
    JB said:

    So what is the difference between being a follower and subscriber? I don’t understand what a follower is?

    I don’t really celebrate Christmas. Christ’s BDAY is great, but no real holiday memories/traditions.

  63. 11.18.08
    Rachael said:

    Hey! Love your blog. I just became a follower of it so I can keep up with your great deals!

    One of my favorite things about the holidays is all of the smells. I particularly LOVE the smell of a wood burning fire, apple cinnamon candles…and nothing can beat the smell of an apple pie in the oven!!!

  64. 11.18.08
    Kate said:

    I love spending quality time with family.

  65. 11.18.08
    Elizabeth said:

    Celebrating Jesus’ birth is the best thing about Christmas to me… and in celebrating it opens up much family time which is awesome, especially as you get older. You come to really appreciate those family times.

  66. 11.18.08
    Anonymous said:

    Our family has a two year old and a 9 month old. We are going to start a tradition where we have ornaments to celebrate every day of Advent along with telling the Bible story that goes along with that ornament. I hope that this new tradition will stick. What better way to share Christ and the gospel during the Christmas season with your kids?

    Thanks for the giveaway….I have no ECB’s right now, so $10 for CVS would get me a TON!!

  67. 11.18.08
    Just Me said:

    I’ve been living in Australia for the last 8 years where Christmas is usually around 100 degrees or more – I’m so looking forward to a hopefully white Christmas with my whole family (including Australian in-laws who are coming over) in my home state of Wisconsin

  68. 11.18.08
    Megan said:

    I love the “ROAR” picture on the sidebar. Too cute!

    And holidays – I am excited about starting new ones this year. My husband and I have been married for 8 months, so this is our first Christmas as husband and wife. We have decided to do pumpkin spice lattes and coffee cake on Christmas morning! I am so excited!

  69. 11.18.08
    Kara said:

    I love the traditions with family and the smells… oh the smells!

  70. 11.18.08
    Anonymous said:

    On Christmas Eve, we put on pj’s and put hot chocolate in thermoses. We pile in the car, and look at Christmas lights while playing Christmas music. Perfect way to celebrate Christmas!

    BTW, I do follow your blog!

  71. 11.18.08
    Denise said:

    I love Christmas Eve Service at our church! It is so fun with all the little excited kiddos.

  72. 11.18.08
    Jessica said:

    I love the songs and smells!
    Jessica Coleman

  73. 11.18.08
    Jamie said:

    Celebrating Christ’s birth, giving and getting gifts, all the yummy goodies! 🙂

  74. 11.18.08
    Brittany said:

    I absolutely love making cookies and filling stockings! It was my favorite thing to do when I was little with my mom and now I enjoy doing it for mine.

    brittlynn44 at yahoo dot com

  75. 11.18.08
    Mama Hen said:

    I love to go to my grandaddy’s house on Christmas Eve. My whole family is there and we eat a lot and open presents together. Usually we play some kind of game like Scattergories. I love it. Please enter me twice-I became a follower.

  76. 11.18.08
    Cherie said:

    The Christmas season is my favorite time of year! I absolutely love Christmas carols so I drive my family nuts by listening to nothing but. We spend the day at my mom’s house so I love sharing that with my whole family. It’s also a tradition to watch “A Christmas Story” on Christmas Eve. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies! I just love this entire holiday!!

  77. 11.18.08
    Cherie said:

    I’m now a follower!

  78. 11.18.08
    Brandy said:

    Found you via MSM…

    The best part of the holiday for me is family. I love getting everyone together, laughing, talking and taking pictures.

    And the food’s not bad either…LOL!

  79. 11.18.08
    Brandy said:

    I’m a follower!

  80. 11.18.08

    The holidays for me are truly a mixed bag of emotions. There are so many things I love. I think what I love most is taking time to reflect and remember what the season truly is all about – and it’s not toys!

    I also love getting together with our family on Christmas Eve. We have done this my entire life and I have some really great memories of these times. And now my kids are making their own memories – and passing down traditions.

  81. 11.18.08

    I’m now a follower, too!

  82. 11.18.08
    Natalie said:

    Hello! I’m a new follower of the blog! My favorite part of the holidays is the anticipation on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is full of family, food, gifts, and most importantly church where we can celebrate the precious gift of Christ, coming into this world!

  83. 11.18.08
    Betina said:

    Hi, On Christmas eve everyone in our family brings their gifts to our house and puts them under the tree. After we have lots of yummie goodies, hot chocolate and hot apple cider we open our gifts all together.

    I have been a follower for about 4 weeks and I love it.

  84. 11.18.08
    SB said:

    My fave part of the Holidays is the JOY. Joy that we’re together. We might not have much but we have each other.

  85. 11.18.08
    Shana said:

    I came across your blog on Money Saving Mom! My favorite part of the holidays NOW is baking with my oldest daughter. She is almost 3 and loves to help make treats for everyone!

  86. 11.18.08
    Chuck said:

    We always order pizza the night we decorate our Christmas tree- that way I’m not stressed about dinner and we can actually enjoy putting the ornaments on. Each year we give the kids a new ornament (ornaments make great souvenirs) so putting up the tree is one of our favorite things to do – brings back such good memories.

  87. 11.18.08
    Joy said:

    Found you on Money Saving Mom!! Thanks for the giveaway … my favorite Christmas “time” is when I’m home w/ family ~~ tree is lit along w/ dozens of candles for a yummy, Christmas-y smell and a real fire in the fireplace. A game of Phase 10 w/ Christmas music playing in the background would make it just right!!

  88. 11.18.08
    Maria said:

    Great giveaway!! I enjoy decorating my tree and this year my 2 year old daughter will be more interested so I’m sure it will so much more fun.

  89. 11.18.08
    Anonymous said:

    my favorite part of the holiday is
    waking up in a snowy vermont with the woodstove crackling the 2 dogs sleeping next to us and a good coffee brewing…nothing better than that……

  90. 11.18.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love Christmas because we have a really fun tradition. Every Christmas Eve my family and I get each other new pajamas. Everyone unwraps them at the same time, and then we put them on. We all wake up on Christmas morning with our new pajamas on to make cinnamon rolls. Yummy!

  91. 11.18.08
    Charlene said:

    My favorite time during the holidays is getting up early in the mornings when the house is quiet, plugging in the tree lights, and sitting in the dark with only the tree for light.

  92. 11.18.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love seeing my childrens excitement when they open their gifts..& the romance of the effort from my husbands gift to me:)

  93. 11.18.08

    In the past holidays were always hard for me. Issues with family. Now, I have my own and we live away from our families. It’s become a desire of mine to really focus on what I want to teach my children thru the main holidays. I’m still in process….

    My favorite thing though is having a hodge podge of people around my table feasting together. We are in a bible school right now… students from all over the world need a home, a family, a place to fit in. Our home is that place. And my heart is to love each and everyone of them that walk through our doors!

    Thanks for including me!

  94. 11.18.08
    Ryan said:

    My favorite memory is friends and family gathering at our house Christmas Eve and opening one gift, going to Midnight mass, and returning for homemade cocoa.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  95. 11.18.08
    Charlene said:

    I just started following your blog.

  96. 11.18.08
    Karen said:

    I like seeing my family together and enjoying each others company. That’s my favorite thing about Christmas!

  97. 11.18.08

    My favorite part is eating, laughing and having a great time with the family during the holidays!!

  98. 11.18.08
    Kelly said:

    My favorite part of the holidays is EATING yummy foods with my favorite people. 🙂

  99. 11.18.08
    tracy said:

    Now that I’m older, my favorite thing about the holidays truly is just being with all of the relatives I don’t see that often. Each year a grandparent or great-aunt or -uncle passes away and the circle gets smaller. I like to sit at the table and look at each person’s face and appreciate the time we’re having together. What is it they say? The days are long but the years are short. I definitely feel that way at Christmas.

  100. 11.18.08
    Tamara said:

    Every Christmas seasonmy children and I collect donated items for families that aren’t so fortunate. We have so much joy helping others.

  101. 11.18.08
    Tamara said:

    I follow you through Google Reader.

  102. 11.18.08

    I love the food. I look forward to my mom cooking for us.

  103. 11.18.08

    My favorite part of the holidays is the pretty lights and decorations!! It just really gets you in the mood for the holidays!! We love just driving around our town and checking them all out!!

  104. 11.18.08
    Elizabeth said:

    I love taking my 3-year-old son around looking at Christmas lights. We stop at Starbucks and get a drink, and if there are any houses with animatronics, we stop and get out and watch them for a loooong time.

  105. 11.18.08
    Melanie said:

    My favorite time of the holidays is going to spend time with family. Going to look at Christmas lights, fires burning in the fireplace, seeing my kids faces on Christmas morning and I could just go on and on.

  106. 11.19.08
    *~Dani~* said:

    I love the present exchange when my family gets together mainly because I am so excited for everyone to open what I got them. It takes all I have to keep it all in. It always fees like such a warm holiday then with family, food and presents!

  107. 11.19.08

    I’m always excited around the holidays to go to my dad’s house, and hang out with my family. It’s always so cozy and peaceful out there in the winter; and I love having a fire in the fireplace.

  108. 11.18.08
    Shauna said:

    Fav. part about holidays: time with family….. I have 10 sisters, and it’s about the only time that we’re all together!

  109. 11.19.08
    Ann said:


    Ann @ gmail dot com

  110. 11.19.08
    Jem said:

    In the country I grew up from, we have Christmas Eve. It’s like Thanksgiving dinner but we hold it later in the evening and wait for Christmas day. We have a big family and we get together and exchange gifts.

    I miss these times but this year is the most special. It is my son’s first Christmas and it is our first Christmas with him!

  111. 11.18.08
    Jennifer said:

    Great blog!!
    My favorite part of the holidays would have to be setting up the Santa gifts for the kids. I’m usually up at midnight, making sure everything looks JUST right!!

  112. 11.19.08

    What do I love about the holidays? Well … it’s not the presents. Not the food. Not the drink. It’s not any of those things … though it SHOULD be. The thing I love most is the reactions, smiles and contentment of my children. That and the memories that we are making. Memories that I have many of … and many to make.

    The holidays are just magical.

    And a few sips of wine makes it even more so … right? 🙂

    Becoming a follower as well. 🙂

    Thanks so much!

  113. 11.19.08
    Richelle said:

    I love everything! But especially decorating and listening to Christmas music.

  114. 11.19.08
    linda said:

    I love taking all December to enjoy the season with my family.

  115. 11.19.08
    Laurie said:

    Just atarted following your blog-your blog is awesome!
    My favorite thing about Christmas is our candlelight service on Christmas Eve-the church looks so beautiful with just the light from the candles and everyone singing Silent Night acapella style-brings a tear to my eye everytime I think of it!

  116. 11.19.08
    Amanda said:

    My favorite part about Christmas is on Christmas Eve. We have all the family over for a barbecue dinner. Afterwards, we all pile into the car to go see the live Nativity and all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. When we come home, we get in our Christmas pjs, and we sit down with our ds to read Twas the Night Before Christmas. Finally, he leaves cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

  117. 11.19.08
    jenchem said:

    I like snow and doing holiday activities with my friends and family.

  118. 11.19.08
    Jessica said:

    My favorite christmas festivity is when my family (a rather large family) play a game called ‘Exchange gift’ but this game is different. We have one good gift and one bad gift to exchange. We never know who brought what so its very fun when you open up a gift with either tampons in it or $20.

  119. 11.19.08

    My favorite part doing their stockings. I love finding unique little stuff to put in them that they would actually like and can use. I also love taking the kids to see Christmas lights b/c they are always so amazed.

    I’m a follower now too 🙂

  120. 11.19.08
    Jawan said:

    Above all else, we enjoy the Christmas Eve service at our church. There, we sing Christmas hymns in the dark to candlelight after hearing the story of the birth of the King.

  121. 11.19.08
    Anonymous said:

    Hey from Georgia!

    My family has had the same tradition ever since I was just a wee little babe! We all get together for supper on Christmas Eve and eat until we can’t eat anymore. We have a large extended family so it’s always very noisy with lots of cheesy jokes being told and mischevious pranks being pulled. After we eat, we exchange presents. All of the younger kids sit in the middle of the floor and we have them open their presents one at a time so everyone can enjoy the fun of watching their faces light up (or whatever reaction they give). Once things have calmed down, one of the guys will read the Christmas Story from the Bible and end with a prayer. Then, more eating! Desert is always a much waited for event and it never dissapoints! Around midnight, we wrap things up and head back to our individual homes to get the little ones in bed so that Santa can arrange all of the gifts and stockings in time for morning! I love Christmas for so many reasons but most of all because it brings our busy family together!
    Christy B.

  122. 11.19.08
    Linda said:

    I love baking cookies and seeing the smiles on my children’s faces.

  123. 11.19.08
    Kat said:

    My first time stumbbling upon your blog and I love it! You have a nice sense of humor. My favorite thing about the holiday season to me is relaxing. I love to take things easy and appreciate the cool weather(hopefully some snow..not likely in SC) sit around my wood heater with a cup of Joe and a good read.Its amazing how much you learn to appreciate things when you’re in chill mode and everyone around you is in a frenzy planning, shopping, maxing cards, more planning, more shopping! Plain and simple I know but its my way of doing the holidays and I love it!

  124. 11.19.08

    I love going to church with my family Christmas morning, then spending the day with good food, great company, and fun. Thanks for this giveaway!

  125. 11.19.08
    Lydiaa said:

    One of my favorite things about Christmas is actually exchanging gifts. How’s that for materialistic? 🙂 See our family exchanges names and ideas for gifts and that means that each person only buys a gift for 1 other person. We also make it fun by saying it’s okay to buy used gifts say at yard sales, thrift stores etc. I always enjoy it because it’s fun to see how creative people were at getting some really cool gifts that people NEED at really cheap prices. I love watching people’s faces light up, esp. the kids, as they see their gift. So, maybe I’m not so materialistic afterall! 🙂

  126. 11.19.08
    Jaime said:

    This is a tough one, I have two favorites! Christmas Eve dinner at my grandmothers with all of the family. And Christmas Morning, my kids faces-no need to say more.

  127. 11.19.08
    Hannah said:

    My favorite part about Christmas is the Christmas Eve service at my church. There is something so special about singing birthday carols to our Lord. I also enjoy looking at the decor of the season, twinkling lights… and I enjoy peppermint flavored coffee drinks! 🙂


  128. 11.19.08
    Beth said:

    On Christmas Eve my whole family gets together for a big meal. It is usually the one day we all get to spend together.We have a steak dinner that is grilled outside no matter what the temperature.

  129. 11.19.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love baking Christmas cookies with my girls. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  130. 11.19.08
    Anonymous said:

    I just signed up to follow your blog too, under “Billie”. Thanks for the extra chances! 🙂

  131. 11.19.08

    I love the time I get to spend with family! We are finally closer this year and will actually get to spend Christmas on Christmas Day with them!

    Also signed up to follow your blog!

  132. 11.19.08
    AndiWrite said:

    I think my favorite thing is unpacking the ornaments for the Christmas tree. I have some that are from when I was a child, ornaments for every year of our marriage, ornaments that the kids made or that we gave them…it feels like opening presents to pull each one out and see it again! The kids love getting to hang their ornaments on the tree.

  133. 11.19.08
    semtaylor said:

    There is so much I love, visiting with family and friends, good food, shopping…
    But my favorite is the music. I love it when the local radio stations start playing all Christmas music…they can not start soon enough for me. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  134. 11.19.08
    Holley, Dane Brien & Wesley Berry said:

    For the past ten years my little family has lived away from our Grandparents and extended family. My husband is in a job that requires he stay local during holiday times, so our celebrations are just the 5 of us.

    So since we can’t get together with our family we started adopting Grandparents from a local Assisted Living center. We have 8 grandparents now that we visit with on a regular basis and my kids think of them just like their own grandparents. Every holiday we take special little homemade gifts to each of our adopted grandparents.

  135. 11.20.08

    My favorite Christmas tradition is the “Christmas Feast” we have on Christmas Eve, which consists of everyone’s favorite foods. We have everything from beef jerky and cheese-in-a-can to smoked oysters and caviar!

    I’m also a follower of your blog.

  136. 11.20.08

    My favorite part of the holidays is our annual family cookie exchange. My mom’s side of the family gets together for a weekend at a family member’s house. We trade cookies that we baked ahead of time so we all get a wide selection for the holiday season. All the women sit in the kitchen and chit chat while the men watch football and 12 little boys run around and get into trouble. The house is always filled with spontaneous bursts of laughter. We make a huge spread if food and play games into the night. Then we all crowd into the living room and watch a movie. Then off to bed we all go…into a sea of sleeping bags and harmonious snores. I love this time of year because it always reminds me how truly blessed I am for such a wonderful family.

  137. 11.20.08
    Rebecca said:

    I have to say, as a mom, my favorite part of Christmas is the look on the kids faces on Christmas morning. The wonder and joy is awesome.
    I am a follower.

  138. 11.20.08
    bugsi033 said:

    I am a follower of your blog now! Of course, I’ve been a follower for quite a while, I just didn’t sign up as one! Great give-a-way!

  139. 11.20.08
    Anonymous said:

    I love decorating!!! And going Christmas shopping on Black Friday…it’s a family tradition that I absolutely love.

  140. 11.20.08
    sarah said:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is the spirit. As humans, we are naturally selfish, but at Christmas time people are giving. Even the grouchiest people smile. I love it. This year is my son’s first christmas and I am sooooo excited!!!

  141. 11.20.08
    The Giffords said:

    I love being with family over the holidays and seeing the excitement on my loved ones faces when they open their presents.

    I am a follower as of right now!


  142. 11.20.08
    Sarah said:

    My favorite thing about Christmas is Christmas. I love the music, the decorations, the holiday cheer that everyone has, the snow (although now that I live in Georgia, I’m seeing less of that), but my favorite thing is seeing my two year old notice all of those things and delight in them with me.

  143. 11.21.08
    Annette said:

    I love the holidays even more now that I am a mom. I love watching my kids experience the things I did as a child. Most of all, I just love being together as a family and cherishing every moment. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is drive around and look at Christmas lights. I hated this as a teenager but LOVE it now. – Annette

  144. 11.21.08
    Melissa said:

    On the holidays, my entire family gets together and spends time playing with my twins and my nephew, sharing meals, and laughing. It’s never fancy and ALWAYS fun!

  145. 11.21.08
    Melissa said:

    I am a follower now!