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Well, with the lovely turkey that I made today, I plan in making a few turkey dishes this week. Our Sunday meal consisted of a 14 pound roasted turkey, roasted potatoes, a big pot of collard greens(yum!) and a side of corn bread. Right now, we are stuffed, but I can’t wait to make a turkey sandwich later! Such a great start to the holidays. The rest of the cooked meat will be frozen for a later date. I loved already cooked meat; it’s a life saver during those times when you just don’t feel like cooking. Let’s see what we can conjure up this week before I have to go down to the base:

Monday: Red Beans and Rice with collard greens
Tuesday: Off to Applebee’s for a free meal. Happy Veteran’s day!
Wednesday:On my gosh! Goulash!
Thursday:Turkey and rice soup with whole wheat rolls
Friday: Pizza day, topped with ground beef
Saturday: Mama’s off to serve her country again. The boys are on their own…
Sunday: Mama’s back and dinner’s ready in the fridge! Turkey Shepard’s pie!

Bread of the week: Honey wheat
Dessert of the week: walnut chocolate chip cookies

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  1. 11.10.08
    Toni said:

    Great menu, I love leftover turkey sandwiches!

  2. 11.11.08

    Sounds like a yummy week!


  3. 11.11.08
    ~huntfish said:

    num num num…. : ~)

  4. 11.11.08
    Jenny said:

    how do you make your goulash? it’s popular in europe/midle-east but very few people know it here.

  5. 11.11.08
    Amiyrah said:


    i’ve had the european kind but I make the good old american version lol. Just browned ground beef with macaroni noodles, chopped bell peppers and onions and smothered in spaghetti sauce. Thats what they used to call “goulash” in my school cafeteria. My mama would just call it beefy mac. I think one day i’ll try to make it the traditional way because, well, i’m crazy like that lol.