Meal Plan Monday!

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It’s that time again! I love planning my meals. It takes so much stress off of me for the week. Like right now, I’m typing this in my pajamas on Saturday night. Can’t beat that! Since we are leaving for Ohio again on Christmas Eve, I want to cook every night this week and try to take off next monday and Tuesday(yeah right!). Here’s what I’m thinking for the week:

Monday: hamburg steaks with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots
Tuesday: Peachy Chicken with rice and green peas
Wednesday: Lazy Mom’s tater soup with quick pan bread
Thursday: Spice Rubbed Chicken salad
Friday: Pizza night!
Saturday: Breakfast for dinner- scrambled eggs, brioche french toast, and kielbasa
Sunday: Slow cooker Turkey Breast with mashed potatoes and glazed carrot shreds

Dessert of the week: Cookies of course! And maybe chocolate popcorn for snack time
Bread of the week: Honey wheat and Brioche

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  1. 12.14.08
    Sarah said:

    Someday I hope to get this organized 🙂 I guess it helps when you have other people to cook for…cooking just for myself is not as motivating 😉

  2. 12.15.08
    Amiyrah said:


    I would love the luxury of just cooking for myself. I definitely wouldn’t have as much meat on my menus lol! Yes, when I was just cooking for myself, it was just easier, and most lazy, to just pick what I wanted each night. Now, I have so much to do that making a plan is easier. Cherish those days alone while you still have them! :oP

  3. 12.15.08
    Precious said:

    I am coming to your house for dinner on Sunday! YUMMY!

  4. 12.15.08
    Saphira said:

    This comment has been removed by the author.