Stupid Easy Peanut Brittle

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This recipe for easy peanut brittle is a great last minute holiday gift for family and friends.

I’m back on the holiday wagon! I knew I had to make some goodies for Hubby’s co-workers for the holidays.

Easy peanut brittle is one is one of my favorite recipes to make, mostly because it is so stinking easy! I know lots of people put peanut brittle very high on their holiday goody list, and why not? It’s delicious!

This easy peanut brittle recipe is made in the microwave, and will be complete in less than 10 minutes. Break up the pieces, place them in a festive tin, and they will be ready to give as gifts. We also love to give these as gifts for our neighbors, with a card sharing the recipe so they can make it on their own throughout the year.

Please note, salted peanuts are best for this recipe. Why? Because it provides that lovely salty/sweet combination that our taste buds enjoy.

Easy Peanut Brittle

1 1/2 cups peanuts (salted is best)
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 tsp butter (third of a tbls is a teaspoon, cut a third of a tbls square on the stick)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking soda

Grease a baking sheet (or cover with parchment paper)and set aside.
In a glass bowl, combine peanuts, sugar, corn syrup and stir.
Cook in microwave for 6 minutes on High. The peanuts will brown so don’t get nervous.
With a wooden spoon, stir in butter and vanilla and cook for one more minute.
Now, QUICKLY stir in the baking soda, until the mixture makes a foam.
Pour immediately onto greased baking sheet.

Let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes. You can break it up after that and put into cute little tins!

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  1. 12.16.08

    you beat me to it! I am making some this weekend with all the free peanuts I got from Kraft!

  2. 12.16.08
    Amiyrah said:

    lol! I have been waiting to post this recipe for about a week. I wanted to wait until I had a picture to post. Since this was scheduled to post tomorrow, I am a bit surprised to see it posted right now lol. I guess I better get on posting that picture. Can’t wait to see your recipe, Erin!

  3. 12.17.08
    Amiyrah said:


    that’s why I post them! I HATE taking a long time to make any treat…mostly because I wanna eat it right away, so I try to find quick little ways to make delicious things. This recipe I found a few years ago. The chocolate popcorn, same thing. Lazy mom’s cookie cobbler was developed when I had a taste for peach cobbler but didn’t want to go through all the trouble. Half of Rachael Ray’s recipes are developed out of pure laziness too lol!

  4. 12.17.08
    Silli Jilli's Life said:

    If you keep posting easy stuff to make/bake I’ll have no more excuses lol j/k
    Thanks. I might just have to surprise everyone and make goodies this year. Other than no bake cookies that is. 🙂

  5. 12.21.08

    okay question for you…normally I do it over the stove like mom used to do.

    I tried your method and had the teachers gifts done in no time.

    but one thing I noticed, even after sitting overnight they were still a little “tacky” feeling.

    did yours come out like that?

    oh…and btw…I am doing the truffles for you tonight, lol!

  6. 7.20.09
    SherrieRM said:

    Sounds yummy! Can’t wait to make this one!