10 Non-frugal reasons to cook your own meals

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1. If it’s made at home, then the dessert is automatically less calories. Right?

2. No matter how good or bad it is, you are guaranteed a kiss from Hubby (or little one, or furrybaby, etc) just for trying.

3. Snacking while cooking is encouraged!

4. You have the chance to learn to make your favorite restaurant meal…and continue to make it….whenever you have the craving.

5. You’ll finally learn the difference between baking soda and baking powder.

6. Desserts 5 nights in a row can be deemed a “culinary experiment.” So what if you had a craving for a different cookie every night?

7. You’ll learn how to use every spice on your spice rack. Yes, even the mustard seeds and cardamom.

8. Your spatula would miss you if you didn’t.

9. Remember play dough? Well, now you can cook something similar and turn it into bread! Thank you, kindergarten.

10. It’s a stress-reliever. After you stop burning stuff, that is.

*picture provided by Steve Wampler on Flickr

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  1. 2.19.09

    I like this. Now I can justify the four different desserts I made in one day about two weeks ago! Less calories and practice! Yippee, I may do that again this weekend!

  2. 2.19.09

    I am having a give away on my blog and I am trying to spread the word! I am giving away a coupon potluck to the winner. You are one of my favorite blogs so I thought I would share 🙂 Sorry I am not meaning to SPAM you or anything!


  3. 2.19.09

    I don’t know which I like more, dessert = less calories, or the bit about stress-relief! This made me smile, thanks.

  4. 2.27.09
    Andy @ Retire at 40 said:

    And of course, the more practical fact that you know exactly what is going into each and every course.

    It’s also lots of fun.