Meal Plan Monday!

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Yay! Another week where it’s an easy, yet filling, meal plan. I love weeks like this. With the great sales of shredded cheese lately, I feel the need for a mac and cheese night. Mmmmm….mac and cheese.

Monday: Taco night with all the (cheap) fixins!
Tuesday: slow cooker rotisserie chicken quarters with rice pilaf and green peas
Wednesday: Homemade macaroni and cheese with roasted tomatoes on a bed of lettuce
Thursday: mustard thyme tilapia with mixed rice and veggies
Friday: Pizza! If we have leftover mac and cheese, we’ll have mac and cheese pizza
Saturday and Sunday: Mama’s off to serve her country! The boys are to eat the leftovers

Dessert of the Week: Lemon cream cheese pound cake(didn’t get to make it last week)
Bread of the week: Potato bread
Soup of the week: Egg Drop Soup(recipe will be posted on Friday!)

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  1. 3.2.09

    One of the pizza buffet restaurants here serves mac & cheese pizza. It was better than I expected!