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Since this is my birthday week(yay!) we are having lots of my favorite meals. Since pizza and corned beef are already 2 of my favorites, that makes it pretty easy to put this week’s meals together. We are also having 2 desserts this week because Mama is the queen, and the queen deserves two desserts for her birthday.

Monday: Meatloaf, candied carrot ribbons and mashed potatoes
Tuesday: St. Patty’s Day! Slow cooker corned beef…Yum!
Wednesday: My birthday! My favorite meal…spaghetti and meat sauce(with ground turkey)
Thursday:”Krab” and cabbage pot stickers with Asian sauce
Friday: Homemade pizza day
Saturday: Leftovers buffet
Sunday: slow cooker rotisserie chicken with braised carrots and potatoes

Dessert of the week: applebee’s blondies and french apple tart for mama’s birthday
Soup of the week: Egg drop soup
Bread of the week: Honey wheat

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  1. 3.17.09
    Donna Freedman said:

    Happy birthday, Amiyrah! And may I suggest checking out my article, “20 freebies for your birthday”? There are all kinds of goodies out there for you *and* for the little one.