Meal Plan Monday!

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Well, this isn’t really going to be a great meal plan this week because I’m going to be gone most of the week for work. I’ll cook monday and tuesday, but that’s it. Hubby and Sonny Boy will eat some meals I made in advance for the rest of the week, plus any leftovers from monday and tuesday’s meals.

Monday: “Krab” pot stickers with braised carrot ribbons
Tuesday: Slow cooker corned beef, cabbage and potatoes

Wednesday through Sunday: Boys are on their own! I left macaroni and cheese, no-fry mustard tenders, a few frozen pizzas(gotta have pizza on friday!), lots of fruits and veggies, and a big pot of soup. Along with the leftovers from Monday and Tuesday, they should be fine…until Hubby orders out. I know he will.

Soup of the week: Italian tomato soup(recipe will be up later!)
Bread of the week: Buttermilk Bread
Dessert of the week: Whatever they want!

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  1. 3.30.09
    Precious said:

    Wow! You have the boys all set; they shouldn’t need to go out. But if they are anything like my boys were when I traveled for work, they WILL!