Time for Spring Cleaning!

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Yay! It’s that time again, folks! Time to get down and dirty and get that spring cleaning going! Last year, I created a spring cleaning tutorial that lists things to do week by week. When you are busy and don’t really have time to take a whole weekend to clean your whole house, it helps to have something to follow throughout March and April to get your house in order. For those that missed the breakdown last year, here are the links to each week:

Part 1- The Bathroom
Part 2- The Bedroom
Part 3- The Living Room
Part 4- The Kitchen
Part 5- The Hallway, Closets, and Corridor

Since last year after I finished the series, I have been diligently following FlyLady.net to keep up with my housework and not get overwhelmed. I found her site not too long after I finished my spring cleaning, and I’m so glad that I did. I loved doing my series and then switching over to her plan. It was an easy transition! So, take a peek at what I did last year, and see if it’s something that tickles your fancy. I’d love some feedback on the series, as well. Happy cleaning, everyone!

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  1. 3.23.09

    I just printed out your ‘directions’ to spring cleaning! I think DH and I will start this this coming weekend, since the only thing we have planned is a retirement party on Saturday. I was almost about to hire my sister in law to clean our condo, but it’s so small and easy to maintain that DH and I decided it’s not really worth it. We should be able to manage to clean a 1100 square foot condo on our own LOL
    and I LOVED the pic of the bathroom one LOL

  2. 3.23.09
    Precious said:

    I have most of mine done Thank God. I have been working so hard the last couple of weeks. I did the 2nd to last bedroom today! Phew! Good luck with yours!

  3. 3.24.09
    Amiyrah said:


    Mine is done :o)

    Since I’ve been following FlyLady since the last time I finished, I really don’t have to do anything.