Meal Plan Monday!

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This is going to be yet another short meal plan. We are off to Ohio on Friday to celebrate Easter. We never go there for Easter, so everyone is very excited to see us before our usual Memorial Day trip. Here’s what I have in mind for the next 4 days:

Monday: Spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic toast
Tuesday: Crockpot rotisserie chicken with braised carrots and yellow rice
Wednesday: corn and Krab-filled hush puppies with side salads
Thursday: Enchilada bake, made with the leftover meat sauce and chicken from Mon. and Tues.
Friday through Sunday: Off to eat Easter goodies at Hubby’s Aunt’s house!

Dessert of the week: banana nut bread(we have loads of bananas left)
Bread of the week: Still have buttermilk bread left over from last week :o)
Soup of the week: italian tomato soup

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