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Cinco de Mayo is this week! Wahoo! Since Turkey will be our main meat this week, it will be making an appearance on Cinco de Mayo in the form of tacos. Margaritas will be made from the frozen mangos I got for .50 a couple of weeks ago, and I think I might be making chimichurri cheesecake as well. Can you tell that I love Cinco de Mayo? I’ll be continuing my apple adventure this week with my apple granola bread. I made a few of these for my blog buddies this past weekend, and of course, Hubby was bummed I didn’t make one for him. He’s so spoiled! I’ll post the recipe this week, along with my recipe for peanut butter bread with a jelly glaze.

Monday: Roasted Turkey with roasted carrots and mashed potatoes
Tuesday: Cinco de Mayo! Turkey hard tacos, with sour cream, salsa, and lettuce
Wednesday: Grilled cheese with creamy tomato soup
Thursday: Turkey croquetts with broccoli and leftover carrots
Friday: Pizza night! Topped with diced turkey, of course
Saturday: Shrimp diablo over yellow rice with a side of tossed baby lettuce
Sunday: Mother’s Day! No way I’m cooking! Wonder what we’re gonna have….

Dessert of the week: Apple granola bread(or muffins) and chimichurri cheesecake
Bread of the week: Rye(from the freezer)

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  1. 5.4.09
    Jenny said:

    Can you please post receipe for the sweet bread that you gave me? it was so good!

  2. 5.4.09

    Nothing wrong with a good taco! We’re having them for Cinco de Mayo, too, only we’re having plain ‘ol ground beef tacos. 🙂

  3. 5.4.09
    Amiyrah said:


    I’ll e-mail you the link to the recipe. It’s a breadmaker recipe, though, so if you need help converting it into a regular bread recipe, just let me know.


    Since Turkey is the star this week, I gotta use it even for the tacos. I would actually love regular ground beef ones, but a frugal gal’s gotta do what a frugal gal’s gotta do lol!

  4. 5.4.09

    Everything sounds super yummy!

  5. 5.4.09
    hitenney said:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the recipe for the PB & J bread, now that frugalsuz gave us a picture to start the salivary glands! Looks yummy!