Quick lemonade….a Memorial Day Tradition!

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When I start to make this lemonade mixture I know that summer is finally here. It just seems to taste better in the summer, and we don’t have a family cook out without it. Why? Because it’s so cheap to make! Are you having a Memorial Day cook out or going to one and want to help out with a great beverage? Try this:

1 cup bottled lemon juice
1 cup of sugar
6 cups of cold water
1 lemon(optional)

This recipe is all about ratios. The 1-1-6 ratio is for half a gallon of lemonade, so you can double everything for a gallon pitcher. Place the sugar in a pitcher and add the lemon juice. Mix together until the sugar isn’t stuck to the bottom. Gradually add the 6 cups of cold water, stirring the mixture as you add it. Slice the lemon and add to the top for garnish(optional).

This has been a frugal drink for us for the past 2 years, and we love it to this day. Usually, a bottle of lemon juice goes for about 1.00 here, and each bottle yields enough juice for you to make 3 gallons of lemonade. 33 cents a gallon is fine by me! Plus, it’s not too sugary, not too sour, and is perfect for cook outs, since you can easily make it an adult drink by adding vodka or rum to your cup and filling it with the lemonade.

If you’re going to a shin-dig, place the sugar in the pitcher, carry the bottle of lemon juice with you and do the mixture at the party. Since the ratio is so easy to remember, you can make it anywhere.

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  1. 5.22.09
    Debtfreemommy said:

    Aw. Frugal you made me misty eyed. My grandmother always had lemonade in her fridge and she made it the same way. She would just keep adding more water, fresh lemons and sugar to the pitcher as people drank it. She was in the hospital last june-july and passed away so we havent had lemonade since. Really thanks for reminding me 🙂 Im going to make it this weekend for our cookout.
    Thanks for all the spagetti sauce ideas too.

  2. 5.23.12

    Thx!! I normally use all lemons, but never thought of Lemon juice which would be much cheaper than buying all those lemons.