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A reader of mine, Jennifer(hi Jennifer!), asked me if I could post the wheat bread recipe that I use. Also, many of you have asked for the Portuguese sweet bread recipe. Well, I decided to put up a quick link-filled post with all of my favorite bread recipes. This will be a good reference for me as well as you, when looking to make bread. These are mostly bread machine recipes, except the regular bagel link. Hope you all are able to use this information!

Portuguese Sweet Bread
Brioche Bread
Cinnamon Raisin Bagels
Plain Bagels (no bread maker needed)
Wonderful Wheat Bread (bread maker version)
Wonderful Wheat Bread (original version)
Pizza Hut pizza dough recipe (bread maker recipe)

The italian and french loaves I make are from my bread maker’s recipe book, so I’ll add those to this post next week. If you bookmark this post, then you’ll be able to see all updates as I add more information.

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