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This should be a quick and easy week to plan. I stocked up on fruit on Saturday before the good sales were over, so that’s what Sonny and I will be having that as part of our lunches this week. Hubby tried to suggest, on the sly, that he wants red velvet cake for father’s day so that will be made by Friday to start the Father’s Day weekend. I had Guinness cupcakes planned, but the man wants what he wants. And since it’s Dad’s week, you are going to see a lot of meat. Hubby likes meat. Also, for some reason, my freezer looks so bare! So I’ll be using some of my catalinas this week to fill it back up and make some interesting meals.

Monday: London Broil with spinach and rice
Tuesday: Crockpot crab dip, made with imitation crab
Wednesday: Beef Fried Rice(tutorial this week!) with side salad
Thursday: My version of Rachel Ray’s Not-Sagna pasta toss
Friday: Pizza! (we’ve been missing it lately, so making sure we have it)
Saturday: Red beans and rice(finally have leftover hot dogs!)
Sunday: Dad’s Day! Pan seared lamb chops with pan gravy, carrots and mashed potatoes

Bread of the week: Wheat(or brioche…whichever I have time for on Monday)
Dessert of the week: still working on my frosting blondies, so lots of those
Dad’s Day Dessert: Green Velvet Cake(only have green food coloring in the house 🙂

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  1. 6.15.09

    Get those blondie brownie recipes ready, woman! My clan is dying for more brownies and I want to see what you tried before I dive in! LOL 🙂 My DH does the Low Carb diet, but I have a feeling I’ll be making cheesecake for Father’s Day since I have extra cream cheese in the fridge!

  2. 6.15.09
    Amiyrah said:

    VA mom,

    I had “toof” issues again last week, so that put me out of commission most of the week.

    Plus, the recipe isn’t going to be similiar to the brownie recipe. I tried it that way, twice, and it was horrible. It’s a totally different formula, so I have to figure it out before I release it to the public lol. Don’t want you wasting ingredients on something that I post and then repost saying “oops! my bad!” lol.

  3. 6.15.09
    Precious said:

    Thank you so much for the link to the crab dip recipe. I have a few things of imitation crab to use up and this looks wonderful!