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Thanks to the holiday, this will be a short week for this cooking mama! My stockpile is building up again with the current shop rite deal, so I’m pretty happy that once we do come back, we’ll actually have food to eat! I’m also trying a new recipe with BBQ sauce stockpile I have, so stay tuned for that! Here’s a hint: it will be perfect to take to a cookout this upcoming holiday.

Monday: Faux crab cakes with carrots and yellow rice
Tuesday: Minute Steak with corn on the cob and baked beans
Wednesday: Vegetable lo mein
Thursday: Fried Chicken with carrots and baked beans
Friday through Sunday: We’re off to the In-laws! Ohio, here we come!

Bread of the week: none! we shouldn’t need any…
Dessert of the week: ice cream sundaes

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  1. 6.29.09
    Precious said:

    You menu looks yummy. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your family.

  2. 6.30.09
    Lucky said:

    I just got back from Ohio. Isn’t it great in the summer?

  3. 6.30.09
    Amiyrah said:

    Yes it is, Lucky. But I love it anytime of the year. I acutally like my in-laws lol.