My dirty little secret (about juice)

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This was originally posted on January 25th, 2008….

My little family loves juice….OK, I mostly love juice. I think its the cat’s pajama’s when it come to drinks. I love all kinds of juice: apple, grape, pineapple, cranberry, pomegranate(my new favorite), carrot, blueberry, whatever. But, once you look at the ingredients and the amount of sugar thats in them, you’re eyes will bug out and you might pass out in the store. Ok, its not that serious, but with a little one in the house, a woman(me) that hates to drink water, and a Paul Bunion-esque hubby who used to drink 3 gallon-size jugs of water(or kool-aid or soda), it has been hell for me to keep healthy drinks in the house, let alone enough drinks JUST for the hubby. So, I found out a little secret….dilute dilute dilute!

Now I just don’t pour lots of water into the juice and call it a day. That would destroy the flavor and cause a riot in this household. I got this idea from a TV organic personality by the name of Sara Snow:
Boil or heat up about 4 cups of water, steep your favorite flavor of tea( you can use black, herbal or green tea)
Combine the tea with half a gallon juice in a gallon pitcher

The heat from the tea will help bring out the flavor of the fruit in the juice and you’ll be adding some flavor from the tea, not just boring bland water. This has gone over well in my house because it still tastes great. The only problem is that when we do get a taste of “straight” juice at the restaurant or a family members house, its like having 2 cups of coffee! Yikes!

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  1. 6.2.09
    Precious said:

    What a great idea!

  2. 6.2.09
    Debtfreemommy said:

    very interesting. ive also heard of adding sparkling water or seltzer water- havent tried it yet though. Im still just adding water to mine lol

  3. 6.8.09
    Lucky said:

    This is great, thanks! I like adding seltzer water too — this was my “cocktail” when pregnant, lol.