Shop Rite 6/21- 6/27

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We are in for a great next two weeks! Take a peek at the great deal that starts on the 21st:

Spend $120 or more with your club card on ALL UNILEVER, KRAFT OR GENERAL MILLS PRODUCTS, GET A $40 OYNO ORDER COUPON! You get two weeks to hit your spend level. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ALL IN ONE ORDER!!!

Spending is tracked on your receipt by your club card and savings amounts print out incrementally based on what you spend.

Spend $80 you get $20 (or another $15 + 5)
Spend $120 you get $40 (or another $20 on top of the $15 and $5 from before)

so if you spend $80 on the first trip, you’ll get a $20 voucher. If you then spend $40 on these items the next week, you’ll get another $20!

Now, here’s the best part: there are catalina deals for General Mills cereals and Betty Crocker fruit snacks starting the 21st. That means you can possibly get the 40 dollar voucher AND up to 10 dollars in catalinas! The details of the catalina deals haven’t been put up yet, but SR shoppers have reported getting the paper alerting us to the upcoming deal. Since neither of these items are on sale this week, we don’t have to worry about it until next week, but just imagine!

Here are the items that are on sale AND eligible for the promotion:

crystal light singles or 8qt- 1.99
use 1.00/1 printable coupon- .99

country time drink mix- 1.99
buy 2 and use 1.50/1 printable coupon- 1.24 each

kraft BBQ sauce- .89
use .55/1 coupon from 6/14SS doubled- FREE!

kraft mayo- 2.49
use .75/1 coupon from 6/21SS doubled- .99

A-1 steak sauce- 2.99
use 2.00/1 coupon from 6/14SS- .99

knorr rice or pasta sides- 4 for 5.00
use .75/2 coupon from 5/17RP doubled- .50 each

breyers yo crunch yogurt- 20 for 10.00(or .50 each)
use .50/4 coupon from 4/5SS doubled- .25 each
EDIT: as of today, sunday, the yo crunch isn’t working on the deal BUT SHOULD BE. Shop Rite customer service says that they are working on fixing the problem, so you may want to wait until later in the week to purchase these. OR, buy them now and just bring your receipt back next time and have them credit you the points.

kraft macaroni and cheese, original boxes- .86(limit 4)
use Buy 3 get 1 free printable coupon- .64 each

nabisco single serve tray packs- 2.99
use .75/1 coupon from 6/21SS doubled- 1.49

capri sun 10 pack- 2.19
use 1.00/1 coupon from 4/19SS for capri sunrise- 1.19

pillsbury brownie classics or moist supreme- .88
use .35/1 coupon from 3/29 or 4/19RP doubled- .18

NEW: Lipton iced tea to go- 3 for 5.00
use .60/1 coupon from 5/17RP doubled- .46 each

NEW: Kraft easy mac cups- 3 for 3.00
use BOGO coupon from 6/21 parade magazine- .50 each

fiber one deal: buy 4 participating fiber one products, and get a box of fiber one bars FREE

fiber one yogurt packs- 2 for 4.00
use 1.00/1 printable coupon- 1.00 each
(If you can somehow print 4 of these, you’ll end up with 5 items for 4.00)

other deals:

Chi Chi’s deal: buy 2 salsas and get a bag of chi chi’s tortillas for FREE

chi chi’s salsa- 2.49
use .55/1 coupon from 5/17SS doubled- 1.39

fisher fusion nuts(4.25 to 6oz)- 1.49
use 1.00/1 coupon from 12/14SS, 1/18SS, 3/15SS, 3/29SS, or 6/7SS- .49

fisher dry roasted peanuts(12 to 14oz)- 1.99
use 1.00/1 coupon from 12/14SS, 1/18SS, 3/15SS, 3/29SS, or 6/7SS- .99

international delight creamers- .99
use 1.00/1 printable coupon- FREE!

superpretzel, pretzilfills or Tio Pepe churros- 1.84
use .75/1 coupon from 3/15RP doubled- .34

bar S franks- .99
use 1.00/2 coupon from 5/10RP- .50 each

david sunflower seeds- .88
use 1.00/1 printable coupon- FREE

NEW: Aquafresh toothpaste- 1.49
use .75/1 coupon from 6/21SS doubled- FREE

shop rite eggs- .99 a dozen(limit 4)
shop rite gallon oil(canola, corn or veggie)- 3.99(with additional 15.00 purchase)
broccoli crowns- .99/lb
dole greener selection salad bags- 2 for 3.00

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  1. 6.20.09
    slugmama said:

    There is a peelie coupon out that reads buy a 5pack of Kraft Mac & Cheese get a Capri Sun free. Both of these items would count toward the Cat deal, right? Do you know if Shop-Rite carries that 5pack of Mac & Cheese? I can’t remember and I’m too far away from a SR to just drop by and check. If SR does carry it, this would be a good coupon to have for the sale!

  2. 6.20.09
    Amiyrah said:


    I have no idea! We only buy kraft mac and cheese when there is a really good sale or it’s a money maker. Just bring the coupon with you and see if it’s worth your while.

  3. 6.21.09

    Oh I can’t wait to get my hands started on this! I don’t have the time today since it’s Father’s Day and we have a ton of running around to do, but I will soon! I moved my desk at work and I’m so much more happy there! I believe posititivity is a great thing!

  4. 6.23.09
    jskell911 said:

    Which Shop Rite do you shop at? The closest one to me is in Norwich which is 30 min away, but it looks like it might be worth it 😉

  5. 6.24.09
    Amiyrah said:


    I shop at the Edison shop rite and sometimes the piscataway one.