Super Savings Saturday- Old Navy edition

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Those bags are FULL of clothes and shoes from one of my favorite stores, Old Navy. And I only paid 26 bucks for all of it. Want to know how? Old Navy Weekly, that’s how! If you have been living under a frugal rock and don’t know about this, I’ll give you the skinny: Old Navy has a site in which they feature their new advertising phenomenon….the modelquins. On old navy weekly, they make a game out of finding wonderful coupons while interacting with the modelquins. Would you like a coupon for 75.00 off 100.00 of old navy items? Find it. Want a coupon for 25% off a 50 dollar order? Search for it. It’s faboulous!

Now, it isn’t as easy as pie. There are lots of people who have turned this weekly event into somewhat of a career, catching 3, 4, or 5 75.00 off coupons in one sitting. But, there is hope! Stop into and see when the next Old Navy night is. We all meet up in the chat room while we wait for the site to reset the best coupons. While we wait, we have a grand old time! Once the site comes up, we help each other find the best coupons in the little bit of time we have.

Now, for the deals! Today was 2.00 tank top day, so I cashed in on that deal and got the maximum of 5. There is also a sale for 50% off all mens clothing, so I got my dad a few more things for tomorrow. But, let’s see the whole list of what I got:

4 rib tanks
2 packs of womens socks
1 shirt dress(just came out this week)
2 clearance autumn tops
4 pairs of flip flops(2 for me, 2 for sonny boy)
1 pair of kids sneakers
1 pair of boys khakis
1 pair of black yoga pants
1 active wear men’s jacket
1 active wear men’s t-shirt
1 pair men’s pajama pants

used the 75.00 off 100.00 coupon

Total OOP: 26.20

According to the reciept, after the coupon and the sales, I saved 145.75! It’s great to see that I can not only save on groceries with coupons, but I can also save on clothes! I’m so glad hubby insisted that I spend most of this on myself(he was “pampered” with our 50.00 off coupon last week). As much as I hate to admit, a good amount of these things I needed or needed to replace in my wardrobe. All of these items will last me for quite a while.

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  1. 6.20.09
    Wendy said:

    Hi! You offered to give the Artisan bread in 5 recipe. I would love to have it.

  2. 6.20.09
    Lisa said:

    I didn’t get to Old Navy until after 1 today. Got my daughter a couple of tanks, but the only ladies left were orange–not for me. I did get my hubby a couple of great shirts. I love the Old Navy site and can’t wait to grab one of those $75 off $100 Qs!

  3. 6.20.09
    Jenny said:

    That is one fantastic deal!

  4. 6.20.09
    Tiffany said:

    I’m so jealous I wanted to go today and get my limit on tanks but I had to sit home all day waiting for the repair man who couldn’t fix anything. I got one of those 75/100 a few weeks ago and that coupon is great and so are the yoga pants I’m wearing them now soooo comfy.

  5. 6.21.09
    Debtfreemommy said:

    I dont normally shop at Old Navy for myself but I do for DH and DD. DD didnt need anything and we are trying to cut back since im about to leave my jobs because of hour shortage so my DH will just have to deal lol
    Anyways. I did alert my sister to the $2.00 tanks and she went by and picked up 5.00. I also found one of the $10.00 off 50.00 coupons

  6. 6.21.09
    nidena said:

    I have found that if you have a decent size stockpile of clothes (say, a week’s worth of each top [in different colors, of course]), they tend to last that much longer. Plus, nobody really pays attention to how often something is worn. We think they do, but they don’t. Most folks are too worried about themselves.
    I haven’t NEEDED to buy undergarments is a very long time because I have so many. Though I did take advantage of the 40% sale of my favorites at VS–they’re getting “redone” which means I may not like what the improvement turns out to be. I got nine “boulder holders” for $225.40…an average of $25 an item. A very good price for VS items.

  7. 6.21.09

    I never knew about this. Thanks for the tip! We have an Old Navy nearby and I love to check out their clearance racks (especially for the kiddos). They have some great deals, but I never knew about the coupons. Woo hoo! 🙂

  8. 6.21.09
    Precious said:


    You did great! I wa so happy when I was able to use one that KC gave me.

  9. 6.22.09

    Great deals!!