When life gives you car accidents…..

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You thank the Lord you aren’t dead!

This is what Hubby went through last tuesday, the first day I was due down at my base for a week from hell.

It was raining horribly; lightening storms and monsoon-like downpours. I was so upset about the weather while I was in the southern part of the state, that I didn’t realize that my family up north were getting these storms just hours before me.

Hubby was on his way from work to pick up Sonny from my parent’s house when tragedy struck. He was on a mountain road that goes downhill for quite a while, and all of a sudden he noticed that the car had dropped significantly in the front and sparks started to fly from the left side of the car. Then the spinning started. With the major storm happening right over his head and his driver-side front wheel gone, the car began to do tricks only seen in the best of action movies.

When he told me what happened, he said he really did think he was going to die. The axel under the car had broken in half and with the traffic that was oncoming behind him, he really should have been in more trouble than he ended up being. Somehow, by the Lord’s blessing, he was spun pretty close to the right side of the road, so cars were able to see him and divert to the left.

Oh, but it gets better! We both have roadside assistance with our cell phone providers, but of course, on this day, they had no record of that service being attached to my Hubby’s phone. Figures. An hour later, they checked some of our old bills and realized that we have been charged for the past 3 years for the service, so they arranged for the tow truck to come out….at 167 out of our pocket. Of course, they promised to reimburse us on our next bill. After another hour, the tow truck never showed, so my Dad was called to the rescue. He used his AAA card to get the car towed to one of his mechanic friends and finally got my family home. All of this while I was stuck on duty hundreds of miles away.

Hubby and Sonny Boy ended up being stuck at home until Sunday and I ended up worried sick for a least 2 days. After that whole fiasco, my Love was more than happy to stay at home, away from danger, for a few days. He was also glad that he didn’t have our son with him at the time. So was I.

Here’s the real kicker: since we had to put lots of work into my truck when we bought it, in order to pass inspection, our vehicle emergency is pretty much non-existent. It’s going to take us about a month to get this car fixed. But, God is good, and we are thanking Him for the one car that we do have and the fact that it’s all fixed up and can take a few drives with Hubby into work for the next 4 weeks. We’re also thanking Him for the fact that Hubby can ride the train for free, so on the days he isn’t working overtime in the next month(which won’t be many), he can ride the train into work.

God is good, God is good, God is good….

You think I said that enough? :o) So, that’s the story, all. Everyone is fine and the shock of it all has finally worn off. Needless to say, I was glad to run into the house on Sunday and kiss my boys. Life without them would just be, well, boring. I do love those little buggers.

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  1. 6.8.09
    frugalsuz said:

    Yikes, that’s really scary! I’m so glad your hubby and Sonny Boy weren’t hurt.

  2. 6.8.09
    Precious said:

    I am so glad that your DH is fine. Cars can be fixed; sometimes people can’t. It does make you pause and realize what is important in life, doesn’t it?

  3. 6.8.09
    Pubbler said:

    I’m happy to hear that your DH is okay and that Sonny boy was home safe. Sounds like your DH was under the protection of the Almighty (Ps 91).

  4. 6.8.09
    Jamie said:

    Wow! God IS good! I’m so glad to hear that your husband is alive, safe and sound! Glad you’re back too!

  5. 6.8.09

    God works in mysterious ways…it must be his way of telling Hubby he needs to slow down in life…maybe working too much OT? Everything happens for a reason 🙂 Or maybe God wanted Sonny Boy to spend some quality time with Dad all by himself since Mommy was away 🙂

  6. 6.9.09
    Jenny said:

    Glad to hear that everyone is ok and no one was hurt. Car can be fixed but lives can’t.

  7. 6.9.09
    Frances said:

    I am so glad your hubby is okay! I know it was hard for you being so far away when this happened. Even when there is nothing you can do, you want to be home when things like this happens.

    Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice!

  8. 6.9.09
    nidena said:

    Goodness! Hopefully, the rest of June is less eventful in the “scary” part of it.

  9. 6.9.09
    Lucky said:

    Wow, that’s tough. I’m glad everything turned out okay.

  10. 6.9.09
    Laurie said:

    I’m glad to hear that everyone is okay. That must have been so awful being so far away from them.

  11. 6.9.09
    Tiffany said:

    that is so scary! It made me feel sick to my stomach just reading it, so I can only imagine how you guys must have felt. Again, glad everyone is okay.

    And, remember – as the song says, “I will praise you in this storm.”

  12. 6.9.09

    So glad he is ok. Sorry about the auto.

  13. 6.9.09

    Talk about a frightening experience! A guardian angel must have been looking out for your DH! I know it must have been a huge relief for you to finally get back home. Hopefully things will be much quieter now.

  14. 6.9.09

    Wow – I’m so glad everyone is okay – that is so scary! Your guardian angels were working overtime.

  15. 6.9.09
    Debtfreemommy said:

    wow. Im so glad your husband is ok and that sonny boy wasnt there. As precious said- cars can be fixed but our love ones cant be

  16. 6.9.09
    Saphira said:

    I am so glad your DH is OK. I agree with others, things can be fixed, people are another matter.

  17. 6.10.09
    Shelly said:

    Wow! I’m glad your DH is okay and Sonny boy wasn’t there. God was really watching out for them that day!