Meal Plan Monday!

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As you are reading this, I am still on military duty, anxiously waiting to be released for the day. But since I couldn’t leave you guys hanging, I decided to create my meal plan for this week right after I made my meal plan for last week. Talk about eager! Here’s what I have in mind:

Monday: Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes and corn
Tuesday: Faux crab cakes with sweet peas
Wednesday: Red Beans and Rice with cucumber salad
Thursday: Fried Chicken with carrots and fries
Friday: Homemade pizza! How I missed thee!
Saturday: Sandwiches and Macaroni salad(we’re spending the afternoon at the beach!)
Sunday: Slow cooker baked ziti(spending the day at the beach again. Wanna have dinner waiting for us)

Dessert of the week: creamy no-bake cheesecake(recipe later this week!)
Bread of the week: Honey wheat(got lots of wheat flour to use)

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  1. 8.10.09

    Afternoon at the beach?! I am so jealous. Oh your memu looks yummy too.

  2. 8.11.09

    I’ve never thought to make baked ziti in the slow cooker before, but that is brilliant! I’ll have to give a try next time… thanks!